Part 33
©️Toyin Taiwo


I got home and called Ezinne. She didn’t pick at first. Then I tried again, she picked her call the second time.

“Hello, are you home?” She asked

“Yes, thanks. Can we talk?”

“No we can’t. The ladies are around”

“Just step out for some seconds Ezinne. I want us to talk”

“Ok” she said. I heard her call out to the girls saying she wants to step out for a bit.

“I’m listening” she said. Guessed she was outside already.

“Why did you feel bad about the k!ss, it’s not that I’m cheating on someone with you”

“I know you are not it’s just that…

“It’s just what. I like you and I know you like me too” I cut in.

“Soma! You know we can’t date”

“Forget the rules. I’ll talk with Crystal”

“About what?”

“About us of course!”

“No….no. She already had her suspicion”

“I know her she will never oppose us dating. She already made it crystal clear that we can no longer be together. And we’ve both moved on.

“I know she won’t oppose as she has stylishly pass the message across that you guys are through. So it’s not about her. It’s about the rules.

“Forget the rules it’s made by men not God. All I need is Crystal’s consent”

“Let me talk to her then” She said.

“Leave that for me to handle”

“Ok then but…

“No but. I care about you. After Crystal, I haven’t felt like this for a lady in a long time.

“I care about you too”

“Good, we’ll talk tomorrow. You really stressed yourself today. Please rest well”

“I will, thanks. Good night”

“Good night. I was about to end the call but subconsciously I heard myself saying the word ‘I love you’

She heard it too but paused a bit before giving me a reply.

“I love you too” she said and the line went off immediately.


Some days later, I got a call from Soma. He asked us to meet at a particular restaurant.

After work, I walked down to the parking lot. I entered my car and was about to turn on the ignition when my phone rang.

“Hi Mr” I said jokingly. “You miss be I guess” I added.

Ever since I started driving myself and Oba stopped been my Chauffeur, we hardly see each other.

“Ehm…. I think I miss you a little” he said.

“I miss you a little too” I said smiling.

“I guess we’ll see on Saturday at your dad’s house warming party” he said.

“Sure, by God’s grace”

“I was there today, the interior decorations was perfect. Your friend did a great job”

“Thanks, Hauwa is good at what she does” I replied, proud of my friend.

“I’m close to your office, can I come say hi before Saturday?” Oba asked.

“Hmm…Then you don’t miss me a little!”

“Fine, I miss you plenty” He admitted.

“Good! But I’m very sorry…..we can’t see today. I’m about to leave the office. I’m in my car already. I was about to leave when your call came through” I explained.

“So you can’t wait for me? I’m close to your office!”

“The thing is that I’m meeting with a friend and he’s already waiting for me”

“A friend or one of your friends?”

“One of my friends. Soma”

I was expecting him to talk but be remained quiet.

“He just wanted to talk” I wondered why I was explaining myself to Oba though I sensed his coldness when I mentioned Soma’s name.

“It’s ok, we’ll see on Saturday” he said sounding disappointed.

I almost called Soma to cancel but I brushed off the idea.
______________Toyin Taiwo

“Saturday it is then. Bye” He replied and ended the call.

“Oba!” I exhaled.

I sincerely miss him too cos I’ve gotten used to his company but I can’t cancel on Soma. I’m curious on what Soma has to say though my instinct says it’s about Ezinne.

I started the engine and drove out of the company. I got to the restaurant and he was already waiting. He stood up and pulled out a chair for me.

“Good evening, thanks” I said

“Good evening. How was your day?” He said as we both settled down.

We placed our orders and he started talking.

“I know we are here because of Ezinne. What exactly do you want from me?”

“You are right Crystal. That’s why we are here”

My gut never fails me as it turned out that the meeting is about himself and Ezinne.

“You haven’t answered my question. What do you want from me?”

“Your blessings, Crystal”

“You already have it”

“Thank you. I know you won’t oppose to it. Imagine God use you to connect us”

“Such is life” I shrugged.

” I remember the day you brought her to the circle. We were all like ‘Why is Crystal bringing a new person at this stage of our lives when the nine of us has come a long way. I never knew you brought me a priceless gift”

“Hmm…somebody is in love. Soma I’m glad you are happy again and you finally got over me. But you know this is the first step right”

“Yes. The rules! Crystal I’m calling an emergency meeting. I can’t wait till the next picnic to table this matter with the others”

“You know, it’s you against seven people, right. Ezinne and I excluded”

“I know and I’m sorry I’m breaking that rule”

“So you are ready for anything. You really love her. I wish you two the best”

“Thanks. And you, are you seeing someone?”

“Can we not talk about me”

“I just want to know if you are happy”

“Of course I am. My Dad is back into my life”

“I’m not talking about the joy of having your Dad back and you know it”

“Ok…. I think I want to give love a second chance too”

“Any guy….

“Soma! You are changing the topic”

“And when did you stop confiding in me. I thought we are back to what we used to be”

“So now you want me to discuss my love life with my ex!”

“This ex is your friend and he has moved on. Any guy?” He asked again.

“It’s Oba. He’s in love with me”

“Is the feeling mutual. And don’t you dare lie to me because you are blushing already”


“So what’s stopping you. He’s status?” He didn’t allow me answer for myself.

“How can you think that of me. Of course not. I’m just trying to tread carefully”

“Just pray about it and let God lead you. I support whatever decision you make” I was surprised he didn’t oppose it and cared less about Oba’s status.

“Thanks! And you, have you prayed about Ezinne?”

“Yes and I’m convinced. Why did you think I want to break the rule for her”

“This is the old Crystal and Soma. We talk about everything” I said

“And you don’t know how much I missed that”

“Ok! Back to business. I have a plan” I informed.

“Let’s hear it”

“I’ll message everyone and inform them that we’ll be having a brief meeting after my father’s house warming party”


“My dad’s house of course. Since everyone is coming for the house warming party”

“That’s not a good idea. Your dad’s house. You know there will be a lot of arguments as they would not give up without a fight” He warned.
______________Toyin Taiwo

“I know but they have to respect the venue regardless. There’s an apartment at the back of the house, we can use the place”


“Everything will work out fine, relax” I assured him.

“Thank you!!!!”

“Don’t thank me, you deserve to be happy Soma”

“You too, it’s a pity I’m not that man. I pray you find the man for you”

“Amen. Thanks, I enjoyed the meal” I said and stood up. He hugged me for some seconds before releasing me.

He walked me to the parking lot. I entered my car. We waved at each other as he watched me leave.
I got home and met my mum in the sitting room. She was on phone and from her conversation, I knew she was talking to my father. I just waved to her and went straight to my room.

She later came to my room, we chatted a little, Prayed and went to sleep.


Part 34
©️Toyin Taiwo


I woke up from my sleep hearing a loud bang on the door.

“Thieves!” I concluded. I never had a robbery experience before all my life.

I went to my daughter’s room, she was up already looking frightened on her bed.

“Mum, what’s going on. I think they are thieves” she said with a shaky voice.

“Crystal, oya get up and change into another cloth. Remove this transparent night gown and wear something descent. I mean big cloth that will covers your body” I said and she obeyed.

She wore a long and free gown. I handed her a wrapper to tie it around her body. Just to look less appealing.

I called the security lines we were given at the landlord’s meeting but it wasn’t going. I had no choice than to call Afam. I quickly passed the message and disconnected the call.

The thieves are now trying to force their way in as the kicks become intensed.

“Open this door now” a devilish voice said from outside.

“God please come to our aid. Jesus take control. I cover myself and my daughter with the blood of Jesus” I said prayerfully.

“Amen!” Crystal said still shaking.

We ran into the sitting room and as we got there. The door flew open before us. As two men walked in majestically with a mask on their faces.

“On your knees!” One of them commanded and we obeyed.

“Take everything you want but spare me and my daughter”

“I can see you want to cooperate” the other thief said.

“Yes….yes. we are ready to cooperate” Crystal said.

“Oh that’s nice. Mother and daughter her willing to cooperate” he said sarcastically.

“But it’s just that we’re not here for the money” the other one added.

I was scared the more when he said they are not here for the money. “So why are they here” I thought.

I summoned courage and spoke.

“Then what do you want from us?” I asked.

“Your lives!”


“Blood of Jesus!” I exclaimed shaking. Mum remained quiet, praying inside her heart, I guess.

“Yes, your lives and we’ve been payed handsomely it”

“Jesus! Assassins!” I cried out.

“Shut that mouth before I shut it for you permanently” He said pointing at me

“Please….. please… we’ ll pay you whatever you want. I have money, infact my father will pay you anything you want. Name your price and he’ll pay”

“O. B. O. He said with sarcasm. Omo baba olowo(rich man’s child) will you keep quiet!” He shouted at me.

“Well, that’s very nice of you baby girl but unfortunately we are loyal to our clients” he said with a pitiful voice. Though it sounded sarcastic.

“So say your last prayers” he said affirmatively.

I held my mum’s hands and we closed our eyes.

“Stop, before you say your prayers, is there anything you’d like to tell each other people you die?” One of the Assassins asked.

“No, nothing” Mum replied.

“Mum, I have something to say” I said, I just needed to buy time. This is our chance to wait for help.

“You see, we all have secrets. Especially girls…We’ll give you time” he said.

“Crystal was is it that you want to tell me at this point of… No, we will not die but live” Mum said.

“Mum it’s about my relationship with my ex- boyfriend, Soma back then in school”

Then I started my narration. It’s not easy to tell but I have to buy time.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


I was confused, I can’t even think straight for some seconds. I don’t have any security details as I’m still new here, I only have such contacts in Enugu. I decided to call the Enugu police command just to give it a trial.
The ASP promised to help me to radio Lagos police headquarters. Then from there they’ll contact the nearest police station.

He asked for the address and I gave him. I ended the call but was convinced that the plan is a futile one already.

“Oba!” I said aloud. I checked the time it was 1:15am. I dialed his number instantly.

“Oba, please pick up” I said into the phone. Finally I heard his sleepy voice.

“Daddy Afam! Hope all is well”

“Oba! Amara and Crystal are in danger. Thieves are in their house as we speak”


“Amara just called now. I’ve called the Enugu police..

“Enugu what! That we take long. We have a vigilante group in my area. I’ll go talk to them now. In no time we’ll be there”

“What about me?”

“Just stay put”

“No, I can’t. I’ll come in my car”

Ok, please be careful” he said and hung up.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


I only picked my phone and rushed out of my apartment. I ran as fast as possible to the head vigilante’s house.
One of the vigilante opened the door to me as he recognized me. He lead me to the head vigilante’s. I explained my plight and he appointed eight of the vigilantes to go with me. We left in their van.

We got there in no time since the road was free. We parked few houses away from Crystals in order not to alert the thieves.
I sighted a car that just parked behind us. It was Daddy Afam’s car. The vigilante wants to make a move towards him but I told them to lower their weapon that he’s with me.

The vigilantes placed themselves in strategic places while five of them sneak into the compound. Daddy Afam followed behind quietly.

We peeped from the window and saw nothing as the window was covered with bland. Then we heard voices, from the conversation going on inside we knew they were assassins because they just instructed Crystal and her mum to say their last prayer. The vigilante charged in immediately before they do the unthinkable as Crystal and her mum her already saying their last prayers.

“Drop your weapons. Now!” The guy who led the vigilante group ordered.
The two criminals obeyed. “On your knees, hands in the air” he commanded. I’m sure they already sized the vigilantes up and know they are not match with them.

Then we heard police sirens.

“The police are here. We’ll hand them over to the police” The leader said and dragged the criminals out.

Daddy Afam rushed in but Crystal ran into my arms crying. She hugged Crystal’s mum instead.

God bless you