Part 27
©️Toyin Taiwo

I was given two weeks sick leave at the office after I was discharged from the hospital. After spending a whole week in the house, I became bored. My Dad was back from his trip and he comes to the house everyday but I’m just tired of staying at home. Mum goes to work and come back in the evening. Some of my friends too come visiting especially Zite and Soma. I remember the last time they all came they all insisted on signing on the pop cast but I refused. I wished they could come every day but they all have businesses to run.

I sincerely miss office, so I decided to resume work the following week. It’s just my left hand that is on cast my whole body is fine.

I told my parents and they refused. They insisted on me spending the two weeks sick leave at home. Before I thought my mum was protective, my dad is overprotective.

Luckily for me, I was able to convince them but my father gave me one condition that we have to confirm first from my orthopedic doctor if I’m fit to start work.
Oba drove us to the hospital and the doctor have me checked. After examining me, he said I can start work but I must not stress the hand and I must make sure I rest well every time I’m back from work. He also prescribed another drug in additions to the one administered before. I protested because I know that drug will not make me to be active at work.

“Oh this is the disadvantage of having a medical personnel as your patient” The doctor said jokingly.

He prescribed another that will make me more active. He said the drug should be taken at night ad it will help me relax well. With that we left the hospital.
My dad assigned Oba to take me to work in my car and bring me back home back everyday till the cast is removed and I could drive on my own.

“Dad, I can go with the staff bus”

“God! Why do you just love making yourself uncomfortable? He is taking you and that is final” He said with a note of warning.

“Yes sir” was all I could say. My father can be strict sometimes.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

My mum didn’t say a word she was just watching our drama.

“Daddy, what about you, you need Oba too” I said feeling concerned.

“Don’t worry about me, you need him more” he said and I held my peace.
On Monday morning, by 6:30am, Oba was at my place to pick me up for work. One thing I like about him is his dress sense sometimes I wonder if it’s actually a cab man or he’s just using his work as a cover up but dad trusted him so no problem.
He drop me off and left. My colleagues we’re so happy to see me. I didn’t tell them I was resuming that Monday, so they we’re all surprised. They even thought I came to the office to pick up something before I told I’m tired of staying indoors. My secretary too couldn’t hide her joy.

“Don’t call Soma!” I warned her sternly.

“I won’t ma” she said.

I didn’t tell my friends that I’m starting work together, I’ll tell them days later. I don’t want anyone to skin me alive.

____________________Toyin Taiwo


The crew from Enugu were done with their assignment and I was to do the final inspection before making the necessary transactions.

Truth be told I miss Oba. Though I call him once in a while to come pick me up when I need him but I figured out I’m giving the young man a whole lot of stress because he had to rush down to pick Crystal when I’m through with him.

With the traffic and all, I decided to call my PA in Enugu, I think it’s high time he resume his work. I told him to come in one of my cars with my personal driver.
Two days later they were in Lagos already, that’s one of the qualities I like about my PA. He takes to instructions. I met them at the h0tel where they lodged and had a long talk with them.

“No one, I mean no one except you two knew my where about. You must not disclose my location to anyone. Not even my children and their mother. If anyone gets to know then be ready to answer to me. Have I made myself clear?”

“Yes sir” They both chorused.

I need to keep them in Lagos just for a few days till the deal is sealed.

The next day, my PA and I went with the driver to check out the prospective land. Luckily, my driver knows Lagos routes very well. We met with the real estate management at the proposed site and I love what I saw. The crew who came from Enugu did a fantastic job. The site was very close to the main express. We later went with the real estate agent to seal the deal.

I have a trusted construction company whom I’ve worked with before. So the next day we went to the construction company. We had a meeting with them and we discussed at length on what and what we want the construction to look like. They assured me they’ll be through in six months.

That reminds me. I changed my mind. We will still continue to run the Enugu branch while we have another in Lagos. There’s are competent hands that can manage the Enugu company while I take charge of Lagos. We ended the meeting late. The next day my PA and driver returned to Enugu by flight. Leaving the car behind. I became when my own Chauffeur. At least for now till Oba helped me get a permanent driver here in Lagos.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


After all my search for my husband proved abortive. I decided to stalk him. I can’t believe he took my children sample for a DNA test without my consent. One of them noticed their hair brushes was missing they later found it where he dumbed them. I knew straight away of what he was up to. That’s not my problem since I’m sure the children are his.

I decided to use his PA as I noticed he wasn’t around for a while, I sensed he was with my husband. I tried to manipulate him but still he didn’t talk. He claimed he didn’t know his where about. I met with his personal driver, he didn’t talk at first because be said it will cost him is job but when I wrote him a check of #1M he started talking. At last I got a location. Including the name of the h0tel he’s staying. He even told me about the new company he wants to start in Lagos.
I wanted to do a clean job, so I decided not to involve my sons, they are so daft and I won’t allow them ruin my plans.\

I needed someone in Lagos who will help me stalk Afam but I have nobody. The only place I know in Lagos is Muritala Mohammed airport. I decided to go back to Afam’s personal driver at least he collected #1M. He has already resigned out of fear of what Afam would do to him if he finds out he betrayed him.

We discussed and after cajoling him he decided to help me get someone in Lagos who will do the stalking. He called the person and he said the least he could collect is #300,000. I agreed to pay the money. He gave me the guy’s phone number and account number.

I called the Lagos guy when I got home and told him to report all details of Afam’s movements to me on a daily basis. I also hinted him an Amara and her Child. I told him to let me know if he sees any woman with him. I know Afam is not in Lagos because of the new company, there’s something more to it.


Part 28
©️Toyin Taiwo


Silver now has her own car, thanks to her cousin, Soma. So she’s on her own now. Three weeks after Oba started driving me, I’ve got to know much about him. We use to talk all through the drive home especially when we are struck in traffic. Infact I’ve stopped sitting at the back sit. I now sit in the front with him.

I just got to know while my Dad likes him, he’s just so intelligent. He’s a good friend and listener. And a complete gentle man.
A month later, I had an appointment with my orthopedic so I didn’t go to work that very day.

Oba took me to the hospital. I took an x-ray and the doctor checked it. He said my fracture is healing and the cast will be removed in another two weeks.
We left the hospital and I told him to take me to a restaurant close to the hospital, I was famished. We had lunch, and stayed after lunch and got talking.

He cracked a joke that really crack me up. I was still laughing hard when I heard my phone ringing.

“Soma!” I rolled my eyes. I picked the call. He asked after my health, mum and work. He then changed the topic I don’t want to hear. He’s still bent on us coming back together. I told him I’m not changing my mind because I don’t think I feel a thing for him again. After the long sermon he finally ended the call.

“Do you have issues with your boyfriend? Oba asked.

“What boyfriend? I answer his question with a question like a typical Nigeria.

“Soma of course, I know you two are dating. He’s always at your place”

“So you don’t see the rest of my male friends at my place right, especially Zite”

“I know you and Zite are close but I know you are dating unlike Soma, it’s all written all over his face that he’s the guy”

“Soma is my ex boyfriend Oba, and he wants us back together and I said NO!”

“What’s the reason behind the break up?”

_____________Toyin Taiwo

“Long story!” I rolled my eyes.

“I’m listening, we have all day. You are not going to the office today”

I never believe I could open up to Oba easily. It took my friends years to get the truth out of me. I can’t believe I told a guy I just met few months ago my story

Although I shed few tears when telling him especially the miscarriage part. Something I dare not tell the woman that birthed me.

“Crystal put yourself together, you don’t have to dwell on the past. You have to let go completely. He took my face towel and dab my face.

“Thanks” I forced a little smile.

“There are two things you have to differentiate Crystal”

“What things?”

“Are you punishing him for what happened to you or have you falling completely out of love with him. You have to know and separate this two things” he stated.

“Hmm! I see a lot of sense in what you just said. At first it was resentment. But now I no longer resent him” I paused.

“Go on…..

“I’m no longer in love with him. I even tried at first to give it another trial but I no longer feel any butterfly in my tommy. If you know what I mean”

“I think your resentment k!lled the feeling”


“Are you sure you’ve moved on?”

“Sure, since 1730” I said and we both laughed out loud. “On a serious note, I’m happy especially the joy of having my father did not even allow me think about dating”

“You know a father’s love and your man’s love is two different things”

“Of course, I know and I’m ready to give love another chance when the right man shows up”

“Good! High five!” He said and I gave him a high five.

“That’s the spirit” he said. I thanked him for the little therapy section we had. Some minutes later we left the restaurant and he took me home.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


I decided to pay Afam a visit at the h0tel on a Saturday morning for the very first time. I felt it’s not too good not for me not to visit him after everything that has happened since he came to our lives. He has always been there for us.
I prepared ofe nsala and Semolina. I packed it in a warmer and headed to the h0tel in my car.

The receptionist directed me to his suite after she had called to know if she could allow me in.

He opened the door for me to come in, surprise was written all over his face.

“What a pleasant surprise!” He said and we exchanged greetings.

I entered and settle on the sofa. I looked around the suite was so beautiful.

“Afam, you are spending a lot of money here, that I’m sure of”

He just smiled and took the next to me.

“When do you intend to leave this place?”

“I can’t tell for now, but what other choice do I have”

“Afam, go back home. Are you not tired of this place, especially the h0tel food”

“I’m not going back. My company’s construction has just kicked off, the contractors gave us six months”

“So you’ll be here for six months!” I said and brought out the warmer and the plates from the picnic bag. “I bought food”

That’s so thoughtful of you, thanks” I served the food and he started eating.

“Only God knows when last you ate a home made food”

“The last time I ate a home made food was at your place and that was last week”

“You know I’m not in support of this”

“Believe me, it’s the right thing. Will you advise me or encourage me to still live with that evil woman. Beatrice is evil!”

I watched him with pity as he ate. The Afam I knew back then doesn’t deserve this kind of life. But we can’t question fate.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“I think you should get a place. If you are really considering staying in Lagos”

“If you want me to get a place, I will. Later in the day I’ll call an agent from the real estate management company”

“Good, at least your daughter too can come spend time with you. You know how it looks like in this part of the world when a woman frequent an h0tel. People takes it for something else” I made him reason with me.

“Really! You’ll allow her come spend time with me!” He said excitedly.

“Afam! She’s your daughter!”

“Amara thank you. I’ll get the house ASAP. No wonder you didn’t visit me all this while. It’s because I live in an h0tel right?”
I pretended as if I didn’t hear that part. He was done eating. So I cleared the table and park everything back into the picnic bag. We talked for a while and later announced my leave. He walked me to my car and thanked me for making his weekend great.

____________________Toyin Taiwo


I went back to my suite. I remembered the conversation I had with Amara. I called the real estate agent. I told them I needed a house and they ask me to come check out the ones they’ve got. The agent also promised to send some pictures.
I called Oba and told him to come to the h0tel. He came by later in the day and I explained my plight to him. I also showed him the pictures the agent sent.
We went through the pictures and we decided to pick one of the house in lekki.

“We’ll go tomorrow then” I said.

“Call Crystal and tell her. She can come with us too” he suggested.

“I don’t want to stress her. She should be resting on weekends and not going around”

“Crystal is fine, let her come. So she could give her opinion too”

I agreed and called Crystal who promised to come with us. I told her Oba and I will come pick her up the next day.

The next day came and the three of us headed to the Agent’s office. The Agent took us round and after putting heads together, we agreed on. All the houses were beautiful and so it was not easy to conclude on one. We made a choice and it was perfect. A serene and beautiful environment with a house wonderfully and tastefully built.

I noticed the closeness between Crystal and Oba. At first I thought it was just the Driver- Employer Relationship that made them close but as an elderly man and one who was once in love, I think it’s more than that it’s just that I’m not sure if either of them noticed this because the attraction and affection I saw is still crude and natural. They haven’t started nurturing it.

“There’s one person that need to approve this house” Oba’s voice interrupted my thought.

“Who?” Crystal asked.

“Your mum” he replied her.

“It’s Daddy’s choice, why my mum” she said searching Oba’s face.

“Crystal! You are not a baby. Anyways, we’ll talk later” he said and I was still wondering what he wants to tell her later.

He faced me now. “Daddy Afam, what did you say?” He asked me.

“You have a point, Crystal you can send the picture of the house to your mum and let’s hear her view”

“Okay sir” she took the picture of the house with her iPhone 7. She snapped both the interior and exterior.

“I’ve sent it, but let me call her. I don’t think she’s online” Crystal said.

She called her mum and told her to check her WhatsApp message.
Few minutes later, she called Crystal back. Oba and I didn’t hear the other side of the conversation. We only hear Crystal’s part.

“Dad, wants you to give the final verdict. Do you like the house?”

“Mum… you approve it” Crystal asked Amara

I’m very sure, she told her we can make the decision without her because Crystal had to talked her into it before she gave her say.

“Ok mum, we all like it too. Thanks”

She ended the call and turned to us with a smile. “She loves it. She said it’s beautiful”

“Good, great minds think alike” I said. I requested for the account details and transferred the money from my personal account.
I was given all the necessary documents. The keys was also handed over to us.

Crystal promised to bring her friend who is an interior decorator to start work as soon as possible.

An hour and half later, we were back at the h0tel with Crystal and Oba. I thanked them for their help. I was so grateful to Crystal who should have spent the weekend resting given the condition of my hands. They dropped me of and left immediately…….

God bless you