Part 25
©️Toyin Taiwo

On Sunday morning I got a call from Mr Kalu. He told me the team are coming to Lagos on Monday to inspect the new proposed site for the company.

We also discussed about my business trip to India. After the calls. I called my PA to meet me at the airport on Tuesday morning since we are going to be traveling together. I told him to leave Enugu on Monday and lodge in a h0tel till the next day. I should have told him to come down to the h0tel I’m staying but I want to be discreet as possible.

I was still dressing up for church when Oba showed up. I thank him for the help he rendered to Crystal the previous day.
After service I told him take me to his place. He was so surprised but I told him it’s the right thing to do.

“Don’t you think I should know where you live by now! My good friend?”

He smiled and he took me to where he lives.

He parked carefully in the compound. He greeted a woman he told me was his landlady. We entered into the neatly arranged self contained room. It’s so obvious it’s a bachelor’s room. Nothing feminine on sight.

He was a good host, he even went as far as cooking for me. He prepared plantain and egg with a park of chilled juice.

“Oba! Man of many talents” I said teasingly actually referring to his culinary skills.

My phone rang and I checked the caller’s ID. It was my family Doctor. I guess the DNA results is ready. I got scared of what the outcome will be.

“Sir, you don’t want to pick the call” Oba said jolting me back to reality.

I picked the call expecting the worse but to my utmost surprise. The three children are mine. The doctor was a trusted one so I know nobody is playing pranks with me.

“What happened earlier. You looked so scared when your phone was ringing earlier” he said.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

Then I told him about the DNA results to him. I told him I have to start planning on what to give them. I intend to give each of them their share of my property while I’m still alive cos I don’t want anyone disturbing Crystal when I’m gone.

I received a message alert on my phone but I was engrossed with my conversation with Oba.

“I think you have a message” he said.

“I’ll check it later” I replied.

Oba entertained me with old school music’s which brought back fond memories. The only person I could think of was Amara as I reminisce.

“You are such a good host. I think I’ll be coming here every Sunday” I complimented.

“And it’s fine by me. You know I don’t work on Sundays. So be my guest” He gestured with his hands.

I stayed for some time before he took me back to the h0tel.

____________________Toyin Taiwo


After Church service I called my mechanic when I got back home. The mechanic said he’ll bring the car later in the evening.

After lunch I got chatting with my friends on our WhatsApp group chat. Those guys knows how to crack someone up. I intended to chat a bit then take a nap but I found myself still chatting for more than an hour.

I finally got the nerve to put off my data. I needed to rest but Soma’s call altered my plans again. We talked at length like we used to before. Thankfully we are back to having a lively conversations.

In the evening I had to call the mechanic around 7pm when he didn’t show up as he promised. He promised he’ll bring the car very early the next day.

On Monday morning, after dressing up for work, I went downstairs my mum too was already set for work but still my mechanic hasn’t show up. I called his line but it was switched off which I know it was intentional. I’m sure he did that so I won’t be able to reach him. It meant one thing he hasn’t fix the car.

“Mum, he’s phone is switched off and I don’t know what to do now” I complained bitterly.

“This mechanic People and their wahala. It’s hard to find the truthful one among them”

“At least he should have told me the truth yesterday instead of posting me that he’ll bring it today. I would have find another alternative”

“Zite too is not around he would have drop you off since your route is the same with his”

“Yes, I should have called Ezinne for help too but her car too is faulty”

“Or will you take my car? I’ll find my way to school” she offered.

I wish our route are the same but she work in mainland while I work on the Island.

“Don’t worry ma. I’d take a cab and the sad thing is that the staff bus would have left the terminal by now.

“Speaking of cab. Why don’t you call Oba” Mummy suggested.

“I don’t have his number”

“Which means you have not thanked him since Saturday”

“I sent Daddy a text to send me his number but he didn’t reply his message”
____________________Toyin Taiwo

You should have called your father to get his number since he didn’t reply his message.

“I tried his two lines just now but it’s switched off”

“Switched off?” I informed mum.

“What will you do now?”

“I’ll just get a cab”

Mum dropped me off at the bus stop. I tried to get a cab but they are all occupied. So I decided to take a commercial bus. Twenty minutes into the journey, I couldn’t explain what happened. All I know is that the bus summersaulted thrice before it stopped. The passengers were shouting all kinds of names. I was shouting Jesus too.

When the bus stopped with the four tires up and the roof of the bus on the ground. Passers-by rushed to our rescue and help us out one after the other.

Nobody died but almost everyone sustained one injury or the other. Some were mild while some were very severe, I mean very.

We were taken to a government hospital, some were conveyed in ambulance especially those with severe injuries. while others while conveyed in vehicles of good Samaritans that offered to help and I was one of them.

Minutes later I was already in the ER and attended to immediately. I had some bruises on my leg, it was treated immediately. Then I noticed I can’t lift my left arm, by the time the doctor checked it out, it was swollen already.

I was wheeled to the X-ray room by one of the ER attendant. The X-ray result showed I had dislocation of the arm.

The doctor said I have to put a cast on it.

“First I have to set the bone back before putting the cast” The doctor informed.

I was in pain, so I just nodded to every he said. Though I was given analgesic injection, but I could still feel pain all over my body.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Are you ready?” he asked. “At the count of three” he said and counted.

“One, two and three” kra! Was the sound I heard and I screamed in pain. The bone was set. He then put a cast on it. And set up an IV fluids for me.

My phone rang inside my bag that was kept beside me. Then I remembered I haven’t called anyone to tell them I’m in the hospital.

I retrieved my phone from my bag, it was mum called.

“Hello dear, have you gotten to the office? I heard her voice.

“Mum, I’m in the hospital” I cried out. I couldn’t help but cry when I heard voice.


“I had an accident”

“Jesus Christ! Accident! Are you ok. Which hospital?” She asked. I told her I’m ok, at least I’m alive. I also gave her the name of the hospital.

“I’m coming right away my daughter” she said and ended the call.

In less than hour, my mum was standing right next to my bed in the ER. She couldn’t drive herself to the hospital, she was trembling so some of her colleague had to bring her down to the hospital.

“Jesus! You even have a cast. Oh my God, why did I allow you take a public bus. I should have insisted you go with my car. God what have I done” She lamented. She later calmed down.

I know she was trying to put herself together. Trust my mum she’s always strong for me.

“Mum, don’t blame yourself, it’s not your fault” I said while her colleagues too told her same thing.

She sat beside and checked all my body, she saw the bruises and I saw pain flash through her eyes.

“Mum, it’s just bruises on my leg, I’ll be fine”

She met with the orthopedic doctor who attended to me. The doctor assured her every thing will be fine and in 8weeks the cast will be removed.
I called the office and told them the situation of things. I also informed Silver, my secretary. I planned to call my friends later because I was already feeling sleepy but Soma called and told me Silver informed me. He ended the call and minutes all my friends started calling one after the other.

____________________Toyin Taiwo

My Mum called my dad. Few hours time the ER was flooded with all my friends except Ezinne who promised to come after the close of the day as she was so busy at work, they all left their work and came down to the hospital. My Daddy too came in with Oba.

My mum colleagues left when the other’s arrived. The nurses were complaining already that the visitors are too much as I even needed to rest. So the nurses asked them to come in, in twos.

My friends didn’t like the way the nurses were acting so they made arrangement for me to be moved from the emergency room into a private ward. The request was granted in no time. I wondered how they do it.

I was moved into the private ward, there you are free to do whatever pleases you. No much rules. The doctors only excused the visitors when they want to attend to the patient. Once they are done, they are free to come back into the ward. Though this applied to only stable patient. If the patient is not table then the number of the visitors will be limited.

I officially introduced my Dad to my friends although as they we’re all meeting him for the first time. They teased me about having his eyes, nose and all.

Dad left with mum to see my doctor. Leaving just my friends and Oba in the ward.
I also introduced Oba and I use the opportunity to thank him for the last time and told him I’m sorry for not calling him as I don’t have his number.

My mum later went home with Oba to pack some few things we’ll be needing at the hospital. They came back in less than two hours.

The room was filled up with all my loved ones and I’m glad to have them around me. The guys cracked jokes, made me laugh and I almost forgot I was in a hospital with a cast on. They all left in the evening when my eyes was diming. They knew I wouldn’t sleep if they are still around. I was left with Mum, Dad and Oba.


Part 26
©️Toyin Taiwo

I sat next to Crystal using my hand to smoothen her hair. Amara and Oba sat on the chair not too far from the bed. I was really concerned and was not happy with my daughter’s condition.

“Why didn’t you call Oba? Why commercial bus, with the set of reckless drivers you have in this your Lagos” I asked her.

“Dad, I don’t have his number. I sent you a text yesterday afternoon. I guess you didn’t get my message because I wanted you to send me his number so I could thank him”

“I’m sorry, I forgot to read the text”

“She even tried your line this morning, so you could help him call Oba but your phone was switched off” Amara added.

“I didn’t turn it on until 8am this morning. This is all my fault”

“Dad, if there’s anyone to blame, it’s that mechanic. Imagine he should have come out straight with me. Instead of lying that he’ll bring the car this morning.

“I just thank God it’s not more than this. You’ll be fine my princess” he assured me. “I like your friends, I must confess, I’m impressed. They made me feel young again” I said and she smiled faintly.

“You and Oba should be on your way now. It’s almost 9pm” Amara said.

“I’m not leaving, I’m staying with her too. Oba you can go home. I lost track of time, I never knew it’s this late”

“Dad! You are leaving with Oba, you have a flight to catch tomorrow or have you forgotten your India trip?”

“I’ll cancel the trip”

“Afam!” Amara called out. I know she wants to convince me too.
My phone rang and it was my PA. I guess he’s in Lagos already. I picked the call and told him I’m cancelling the trip.


“You heard me”
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Sir but…. I stood up and cut in.

“I said I’m cancelling, my dau…. I had to swallow the rest. I paused for some seconds. “I need to attend to something important. And I don’t care if the deal is cancelled”

“I’ll call them and see if they’ll reschedule at least it’s your money you want to invest. So I’ll talk to them” he said.

“Thank you, I’m sorry for the inconveniency, just rest well tonight then you can go back to Enugu tomorrow”

“Ok sir and please take care of yourself sir”

“I will, thanks. Good night” I said and ended the call. By the time I ended the three pairs of eyes were piercing at me.

“Dad! Like I said earlier, you don’t have to cancel your business trip because of me. By the way why are you hiding the fact that you have a daughter from your people”

I sighed and sat beside her.

“Sir, just called the person back and tell him you’ve changed your mind. Don’t worry about Crystal. I’ll be here with her and her mum till you return back to the country” Oba said and it sounded more like an instruction.

He picked my phone from the top of the bed side locker where I put it. “Call the person back” he said again he handed the phone to me.

“Afam, just place the call as he rightly said. You have nothing to worry about. She’ll be fine” Amara added.

I looked at the three of them, then I placed the call. I told my PA to meet me at the Airport by 8am the next day. He was so happy I changed my mind.

“Thanks for changing your mind Dad, now can you answer my question” Crystal said.

I kept quiet as I don’t know what to tell her.


“Daughter!” Ok, let me just say it’s the best thing for now. I’m protecting you.

“From who?”

“Can we talk about this later. You should rest now”

“Dad! Answer my question!”

____________________Toyin Taiwo

I looked at Amara but I don’t know the right words to say.

“From who? Dad!

“His ex wife. She must not know that you’ve met” Oba replied her and bailed me out.. I reached out for her hand and held it.” No one knew I’ve found you and your mum. I want it to remain like that. It’s for the best. I said and k!ssed the back of her hand.

“I love you my pretty daughter. You are the best thing that ever happened to me after your mum. I have to keep you safe. I left Enugu just to be closer to you”

“What about your family in Enugu?” Amara asked

“They are fine without me. I mean they don’t need me”

“And your company?” Crystal asked.

“We are planning on relocating. I’ve sent a team to come over to Lagos to look into that. As soon as we get a good site, then construction will commence immediately” I explained.

“What company? Oba asked curiously.

“You don’t know he owns AFAMAR Pharmaceutical company? Crystal said surprisingly. Oba was dumb founded.

“Daddy Afam!”

“Oba let’s go, we’ll talk in the car” I told him.

“Good night ma, good night Crystal. Have a wonderful night rest” He said.

I k!ssed Crystal good night and went to Amara’s sit and patted her at the back.

“You guys, should take care, I’ll see you in few days. Oba will be here for you in case you need anything” I said and as I was leaving with Oba, Amara called out.


“Yes ma” he said and turned to face her.

“I don’t know what is going through your mind right now but just know he didn’t mean it that way. Even Crystal and I refer to you as his friend. I hope you know how much he likes you” Amara said.

“Thank you ma” He said and managed to smile and we left the room.

Once he turned on the ignition, I started talking.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Oba, I intentionally not mentioned it to you, at first I did it for protection but later when I got to know you better I decided to tell you. But I decided against it again because I don’t want you to see me as one big man that is not approachable. I love the way we relate and I don’t want anything to change that. I’m really sorry son” I said and patted his shoulder.

“Daddy Afam you have the right to be discreet about your personal life, I’m just surprised. That’s all” he said with a blank expression.
The drive back to the h0tel was quiet. He drove into the h0tel and parked.

“It’s late Oba, just pass the night here”

“It’s just pass 10pm sir. I can still make it home”

“I insist. Remember I have a 8am flight to catch tomorrow and you are taking me”

He came out of the car and locked the door. I moved over to his side and held his hands.

“Oba! I told you everything about my past. You even helped me find Amara and my daughter. My company is the only thing I kept from you. Don’t you feel that if you know me well enough you might not be free with me the way you used too?”

“It’s ok sir, I understand perfectly well”

“So are we good?” I asked.

He spread his hands and gave me a hug. I hugged him and patted his back. I released him and looked into his eyes.

“Ever since I met you, I’d always wished you are my son and I place you in my heart as one. I love you that much Oba”

“Thank you sir and I’ve always look up to you like a father as well”

“Now enough of this emotional talk, let’s go in” I said patting his back again as we walked into the h0tel like the father and son that we are.

____________________Toyin Taiwo


The next day, I took Dady Afam to Muritala Mohammed airport. He introduced me to his PA, who was already waiting at the terminal by the time we got there.

I received a message on my phone. It was a bank alert. Afam transferred #50k into my account.

“Sir, you don’t have to this” I told him.

“Oba, you won’t be working till I’m back from India. Please stay with my family. I beg of you”

“Still you don’t have to pay me for that, I already promised you I won’t leave their side”

“That’s the right thing to do, you have a family to take care of, remember. So I can’t keep you from work for days without pay” he explained.

I was with him till they boarded the plane. I left the airport for the hospital. I bought some things they’ll need at the hospital on my way including food.

I got to the ward. I greeted them, Crystal looked a lot better than the previous day. The doctors came in and observed her. He prescribed some drugs for her. I collected the prescription pad and went to the hospital pharmacy to get the drugs. I instructed her to eat the food I brought, so she could take her drugs once I’m back.
I came back and the doctors had left but I met a guy, I recognized him from yesterday, I guessed he was Crystal’s boyfriend. I could sensed that from his reactions the previous day. He later left for work that morning.

I was there through out the day. Some people came from her company to check her. I was at the corridor till they left. In the evening all her friends including her secretary came to visit her.

Daddy Afam called that night when he arrived India. He spoke at length with his daughter. Then her mum, he also spoke with me too.

I left the hospital very late in the night. Mother and daughter expressed how grateful they are.

I got to my apartment later that night. I was about to undress when I heard someone knocking at the door.

“Who is there? I asked. It was my Landlord’s daughter. So I opened the door.

“Good evening” she said smiling.

“Good evening. How is school, when did you come back?”

“This afternoon, school is fine, thanks.

Ayo is a 300l student of FUNAB. She’s nice to me and always stop by to say hi to me whenever she’s around.

I opened the door wider for her to come inside.

“I’m sorry, it’s late, but I just had to come say hi when I heard you drove into the compound cos I’m sure you would leave the country early tomorrow morning before I even get out of bed” she said.

“Don’t mind me, that’s the nature of my job. So are you on break or you just came home to pack Mummy’s foodstuff”

She laughed. “No we are on break this time. We just finished our 2nd semester exam. I’ll be spending two months at home”

“Good for you then, and I’m sure you would have grown fat before resumption. So enjoy your break to the fullest” I said jokingly.

“I will trust me. But Oba you never called me for once and you have my number. I even called severally but you never returned my calls” she queried.

“Ayo, I’m really sorry. I’m a very busy person. Although that’s not an excuse. So please accept my apology”

“Apology accepted, now that I’m home, you’ll be seeing more of me even though I know you will never check on me unless I come down to your room” She accused.

I know Ayo is hitting on me but I use to pretend I didn’t get the message.

“Ayo… know It’s not like that”

“It’s not like what, I know you are just talking with me because I’m your Landlord’s daughter. You don’t like me” She scoffed.

“Why would you talk like that, of course I like you, I don’t hate you”

I tried to answer calmly but deep down within me all I want is to be alone. I had a long day already and I’m so tired. But I had to keep my cool. It’s not easy having someone admitted in the hospital. Since the patient relatives has to do all the running around.

“Ok, if you like me as you claim, then give me a spare key to your apartment”

“My key! Why?” I sounded a bit pissed this time.

“I can relax here during the day before you come back from work”

I don’t know what happened to her father’s house that she can’t relax there. Cos right now I’m wondering when my room turned into a relaxation center. I thought within me. I watched her closely as she continued.

“I can also prepare you dinner”

“Really!” I scoffed. “Ayo! Listen, I’m a very straight forward person. Can I come out straight with you?”

“Yes, you can” she replied.

“I know what you want from me but the thing is that I like you as a friend and not as a woman. I’d love to be just your friend if you don’t mind” I paused to allow my word sink and look out for her expression. I continued.

“Ayo, you are very beautiful and I know you are not hearing this for the first time. I’m sure you have guys crawling over you in school. You don’t have to give your love to someone who wouldn’t reciprocate it. There’s nothing hurtful than loving someone who doesn’t love you back” I said slowly and calmly.

” Obafemi!”

Geez, she even knew my name in full. I said to myself.

“Why can’t you love me back, you said it yourself that I’m beautiful. So what else do you want or is it because I’m your Landlord’s daughter?”

“No, far from it”

“You know they can’t object, they like you and regard you”

“Ayo, please don’t do this to yourself, let go of whatever feelings you have for me. Hun!

“I won’t, I know you’ll learn to love me one day. Good night” she said and left.
I just stood there as I watched the door closed after her. For God sake what I’m I suppose to do. I don’t feel anything for her. I don’t know why she’s interested in someone like me, a cab driver from a poor family while she’s an undergraduate from a comfortable home.

I went into the kitchen and picked two sliced bread from the fridge and a bottle of coke. I ate and slept.
I continued my daily routine to the hospital till Crystal was discharged some days later.

I took her home the day she was discharged together with her mum.

God bless you