Part 19
©️Toyin Taiwo

Please just allow me tell the story of my life.

“We are listening” Amara said. And I told them everything. I told them I never remembered her and the pregnancy until few weeks ago.
I told her, I couldn’t remember her house but I remembered the school where she was teaching back then when she was still in Enugu. And my search for her started from there until I found her” Amara one of the factors that helped locating you is that you didn’t change your maiden name.

“Yes, I didn’t”

“Mummy do you believe him?” Her daughter asked.

She smiled. “Thank you faithful Jesus”


“The day I met with him in school, God spoke to me that night and said I’ll soon find out the truth. He just said the truth and I believe him”

“Ok” her daughter said. I guessed she believes whatever her mum days.

“Afam, why didn’t you tell me when we were dating that you are a divorcee?”

“I already made up my mind to tell you before taking you to meet my family. I know I should have done it earlier but I want to ensure I’ve gained your heart totally before telling you”

“You should have said that at the early stage of our relationship”

“I was scared, I didn’t want to loose you, but I swear I planned telling you back then”

“Why did you now tell my mum you have a wife and kid after she told you about the pregnancy?” Amara’s daughter asked me.
“My dear he’s not the one talking then, the jazz was already at work” Amara replied her daughter.

“Yes, how can I possibly claim I have a wife I already divorced”

“I remembered vividly that you are acting like someone under a spell. I wondered how you just changed from that good man I knew before to something else. I just decided to let go since you are already married” Amara said.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Amara, I’m just here, so you could forgive me and I’ll be a free man. I also want to meet my child. I’ve been having some dreams lately please I won’t take the child from you, just want to meet her and know her.

“Also I’d like to meet your husband to ask for his permission as well because I know how demanding it is to train another man’s child but like I said. The child is all yours. Please this is all I ask for” I pleaded.
Before I finished my statement, mother and daughter we’re already crying.

“I’m sorry did I say something wrong?” I asked both of them.

“She has no husband. My mum didn’t marry” She opened up.

“She didn’t what!”

“You said it yourself that she did not change her maiden and that was why you could locate her what woman didn’t change her maiden name after getting married!” Amara’s daughter said crying.

“Oh my God! so I use my complicated marriage to destroy your happiness! Beatrice may you never found happiness in your life” I said why fresh tears welled my face.

“That is your daughter Afam and that is all I have” Amara said in tears.
I stood up and walked up to her, she was on her feet too. I hugged her with all my being. I held my daughter for the very first time in my life. I hugged her tightly while she cried on my shoulders.

“My Mum never bad mouthed you, she fed me with good stories about you”

“How I wish I was still that good man he told you about. I would have loved you as much as I loved your mother. I’m sorry I deprived you of a father’s love. If I was in my right senses this wouldn’t have happened. Circumstances beyond me stole fatherly love from you” I said why looking into her eyes.

“I know…I know you would have been the best dad”

“You are so beautiful, just like your mother”

“But I have your height and lips” she said and I smiled, I just observed that too. I made her sit.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

I went to where Amara was sitting and I squatted before her and held her hands.

“I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I’m sorry for all the pain I’ve cost you. You gave up everything for me, blessed are you among women Amara”
I pulled her up and hugged her. She was supposed to be the best thing that ever happened to me but fate never allowed it. My daughter also came and the three of us hugged. I wish for the very first time in my life that we should be like that forever. This two are my real family.
After some minutes we all calmed down and settle down.

“Afam, meet your daughter. Crystal Munachisom, Ejiofor”


“I’m sorry I didn’t give her your last name”

“Awotara m, I understand. At least with the circumstances surrounding are birth, it’s understandable. But you didn’t shut me out completely. You gave her the name I planned on giving my first daughter”

“Mum! I thought you gave me the name”

“No that was the name your father would have given you” she replied Crystal.

“Wow!” She exclaimed

“So you leave here alone with Crystal?”

“Yes, this is my house. The supermarket downstairs is mine while the pharmaceutical store belongs to your daughter?”

“Crystal owns it?”

“Yes, funny enough, she took after you. She works in a pharmaceutical company. I was shocked when she told started pursuing the same dream you have.

“Mummy! You never said a thing about his career!”

“Yes, my dear. I’m sorry. He owns the popular AFAMARS PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY”
______________Toyin Taiwo

“It’s a lie, AFAMARS! We do meet at conferences with their staff representative”

“Hold on Amara, how do you know the company was mine, I never started the company when I met you. I was working with another company then?” I asked curiously.

She smiled. “When we were dating back then. There was a day you visited me, that day you came with your diary. You later left to get us some snacks. When you left, I went to my table to get something, you drop the diary there, mistakenly, the diary fell on the floor. I bent down to pick it up and it was open, I intend to close it and place it back on the table, then I saw my name and yours written boldly on the page. Out of curiosity I decided to read it.

On that page you wrote ‘AFAM+AMARA= AFAMAR’

Then you wrote ‘I’ll add letter S to it. The S will pluralized it and it will represent our unborn children.

Then you wrote. ‘My company name shall be called AFAMARS’

She revealed. Crystal and I was just looking at her in amazement.

“Eziokwu!” (Really) I exclaimed.
Then she continued. “Years later, I bought a drug and I checked the brand name and I discovered it was produced by AFAMARS Pharmaceutical company. Later I started seeing adverts on tv and other media. Then I knew you have achieved your dreams” She informed.

“Hmm… No wonder my mum suggested we get drugs supply from your company as well. She said she trusted the company” Crystal said.

“I’m really surprised at everything she said too. Crystal! Which of the Pharmaceutical company do you work with? I asked.

“Chemochezzy Pharm” she replied.

“Wow! That company belongs to foreigners”

“Yes sir”

“What department are you in?”

“Clinical data”

“She’s the clinical data manager” Amara added.
______________Toyin Taiwo

“Really! I’m proud of you, you really did well for yourself. I know what it takes to be in a position like that in such company. Its no joke at all”

“I think it’s in the blood, Crystal took after you, she’s brilliant and she really loves her job”

Crystal was sitting right next to me so I patted her. “You are truly my daughter. Don’t worry with time we’ll get to know each other better” I said and faced Amara.

“Can I have your number and hers?”

“Sure, you can” she replied and we exchanged numbers.

“I should be on my way now, I already took much of your time” I said and stood up, adjusting my clothes.

“Alright” Both of them stood up too.

“I’ll pay you a visit again before I return to Enugu. Can you please allow me hang out with Crystal too” I asked Amara.

“That’s not a problem, you can hangout with her anytime she’s free. But you can’t leave now, let’s make breakfast, so you could eat before you go” Amara offered.

“That wouldn’t be necessary Amara”

“I insist. Crystal go out and call in your dad’s friend”

“His friend, I thought he’s….

“Crystal, look at the way he defended him, an ordinary chauffeur wouldn’t act that way” Amara said to her daughter.

“To be sincere that young man outside is the only thing that kept me sane this week. I almost gave up but he insisted we must try again and that’s why I’m here. I even told him if he’s sure I’m not his long lost father. He’s been so helpful in my search. He came up with all this ideas. He even followed you without my knowledge. In one word he is God sent” I explained.

“He looks like a good person and with every thing you said about him, then you are lucky to have met someone like him” Amara said

“Especially here in Lagos, he is indeed God sent” Crystal added.

“Crystal, go get him, I’ll be in the kitchen” Amara said.
____________________Toyin Taiwo


Part 20
©️Toyin Taiwo

I got to the gateman post and asked Saburi where our visitors parked their car. He followed be outside and showed me.

“Hi” I said to him, he was busy with his phone when I get there.

“Hi” he said and looked up. “How far, did everything go well in there?” He asked anxiously.

My mum was right he was really concerned about my father’s reconciliation with us.

“Yes, everything went well, and thanks for your help too”

“It’s ok, I’m really to hear. I’m glad they settled”

“My Mum wants you in”

“Ok, go ahead I’ll join you” he said and I went back into the compound”

“Where is he?” Mum asked when I stepped in.

“He said he’ll join us shortly” I said and went into the kitchen with mum to assist her.
By the time we were through cooking, he was already inside with my father. I set the dinning and informed them that breakfast is ready.

“Before we eat, please let me introduce my friend here. Oba meet Amara, the mother of my child and Crystal, my daughter” I said gesturing with my hands.

“She’s your daughter?” Oba said surprised.

“Yes, she is”

“And what about the rest of the family” Oba asked.

“Amara stays here alone with Crystal?”

“I’m sorry ma, what about your husband?” He asked inquisitively.

“My dear, I never marry” My mum replied.

“I dedicated my life to taking care of my daughter”

“Really! I’m sorry ma, but it’s that the only reason why you decided to stay unmarried?”

____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Ehm….. I think we should all go to the dinning now, the food is getting cold” I quickly interrupted him before he blows my mum’s cover.

And we all went to the dinning. I wonder where my father got the guy from he is so smart. Imagine he almost exposed my mum’s little secret. He had read my mum and that knew that her staying unmarried till now is not only about me. I had to interrupt him so the conversation won’t get on further. Even I, never had the gut to tell my mum to her face that he didn’t marry because he can’t love another man the way she loved my father. The Oba guy really got some nerves.
We prepared white rice and plantain with meat stew. My mum dished my father’s food and pack a lot of plantain for him with very little portion of rice. I had no choice than to talk.

“Mum, the plantain is way more than the rice. Is that ok with you sir?” I asked my father.

“That’s because he loves plantain, it’s like your mum still remembered his favorite food” Oba replied me instead and I was amazed by what I just discovered from what he said.

“And how do you know that, I thought you just met him?” My mum questioned.

“Yes, we just met but I’m always with him at the h0tel. I’m sure the h0tel he’s staying are already running out of plantain by now because of him” He replied jokingly while my father was just smiling.

“Mum, is that true?” I asked.

“Yes, he can take plantain three times a day without getting tired of it” she replied.

“And from what I’m seeing on your plate, I think you took after him too. You did not even add rice to yours at all” Oba said to me.

“Oba you are really smart, if this house is full of plantain, my daughter will finish it within a week” My mum replied him.


“Now let’s eat people, enough of discussing father and daughter” my father said we all carried on with our food.

I cleared the dishes and we all return to the sitting room. They stayed for some time and announced they are leaving. My mum came forward to thank Oba.
____________________Toyin Taiwo

“Thank you my son for the great role you played. I’m sure you are a Christian because the Bible says blessed are the peace makers” and we all chorused “For they shall be called the children of God” Mum continued.

“People like you are rare this days. God used you as instrument of peace and reconciliation. May the Lord bless you” We all said Amen.

“Let’s just give all thanks and glory to Good ma, he orchestrated everything himself. Like you said I’m just an instrument” he said.

“Oba, I am a mother of many children, so you are free to come here anytime even when Afam returns to Enugu”

“Alright ma”

“Afam when are you going back?” My mum asked.

“I’ll stay for a week just to get to know my daughter a little before I go back”

“Ok then. Ka e mesia(good bye)”
We walked them to the car, I asked my dad the name of the h0tel he’s staying and he gave me the name. He hugged me and my mum while mum and I shook hands with Oba. We watch them as they hit the road. We went back into the compound when their car was out of sight.

“Saburi, those two men that just left are free to come into this house anytime. Is that clear!” Mum instructed.

“Yes ma, no wahala. Congratulations Big Mummy, I’m really happy for you” he said smiling sheepishly.

“Saburi, did you eavesdropped on us?” I asked.

“Anty Crystal, I know everything” he said smiling like a small child.

“Whatever, just come for your breakfast”

“Yes ma” he jumped up. He loves food.

We got back into the house as if on cue, Mum and I bursted into the tears. We hugged each other tightly.

____________________Toyin Taiwo
“I’m glad you met your father and I’m alive to witness this day” My mum said in tears.

“I’m happy too mum and thank you once again for feeling the voids”

“Thank you for forgiving him my daughter”

“Mum, I should be the one saying that, his absence did little or nothing to me but look at you. Thank you for forgiving him.

“All thanks to God who gives us the heart to forgive my baby” she said and smile. “Now wipe your tears my baby, Daddy is back”

I smiled and wipe my tears. I have a father and a good one at that.

Later in the day, I went straight to our group WhatsApp chat and gave my friends the gist. For like half an one hour we were still chatting about it and they were all happy for me.

Calls started coming in one after the other from my friends, I guessed they were not satisfied with the chat. They prefer to talk on phone with me. I answer their calls one after the other. Everyone wants me to give them the full details. Zite and Ezinne came down to my house that very day because they stayed nearby. They all concluded that they have to meet him but I told them to take it slow, I just met him.
Mum on the other hands called some people to share the news. Our close relatives, Pastor and her friends who knew her from way back. That weekend is a remarkable one in our lives.

God bless you