‘Stop anticipating bl00d on your wedding night’ – Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi tells his gender (VIDEO)

Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi, the son of Evang. Jerry Oluwagbemi of Mount Zion Faith Ministries has called out his genders who are always eager to see bl00d from their wives’ broken hym3n on wedding night to call it a halt.

This was addressed in a roughly 2:30 secs video clip where Adeola Jerry-Oluwagbemi pleaded that women should stop being subjected to the pressure of producing bl00d hence they find alternatives to prove they are v!rgins even when they are not.

According to him, any woman who is a new creature should no longer be judged by her past.

He further stated that the topic ‘bl00d on wedding night is a must’ has soured many marriages that were meant to be beautiful, hence any man who wants a beautiful home in place should let ‘bl00d on wedding night is a must’ go.

In his words;

“Oga wetin you dey find, you made love to your babe on your wedding night, you say you did not see bl00d, where you wan find bl00d go now, you said you have checked everywhere now, you did not see bl00d…

Is the bl00d of Jesus not enough for you?
She did not tell me her past, it is wrong, I kept myself, I was a decent guy, she cheated.

Bros, well done. I wan ask you one question, when Mary and Joseph finally do the do, do you think they saw bl00d? You don think am before, think am na.

You talk say Mary na exception, Is Jesus her past?

Your wife no be Mary, but wetin be the problem, wetin you dey talk.

E no mata bros, Just focus, let it go, na this kind thing dey scatter marriage today o, and the beginning of many issues in homes, why?

You dey find wetin no lost, if she tells you her past, FINE!, if she no tell you, pray make she tell you, if you get past, talk na.

If she’s a new creature, then why do you need to bother yourself about things that are gone, God does not hold grudges against her past, it is her past,  He does not even have the records anymore.

So what is your own issue with the bl00d? If you see a cultist that is now in Christ, because he has scars, the scars does not mean anything,

It is a past, anything that it’s in the present, so far you have been washed in the bl00d of Jesus, IS A PAST! LET IT PASS

When two marry, they become one flesh, enjoy marriage, if you dey find wetin you no lost, you go hear wetin you no suppose hear,

na people like you wey dey find bl00d dey make wife use tomatoes so that you will see enough red substance, then you will pop Champaign say ‘I see bl00d’,

What God has joined together let no bl00d put asunder, will you still find bl00d?”