Great wonder: Blind school girl perfectly braids her mates hair in viral (video)

Blind school girl perfectly braids her mates

A Nigerian girl who has total blindness but who has the ability to braid hair has gone viral. The girl named Victoria was seen performing the incredible feat in a video posted on Twitter by Michael Thompson Showunmi.

In the short clip, Victoria perfectly parted the hair with a comb and braided as if she was seeing everything she was doing.

Apart from her ability to braid hair, Victoria also possesses the ability to tie gele, a skill that is even difficult for people who can see.

Also, she has said she wants to learn make-up artistry. She said there is nothing she cannot do. A caption on Victoria’s video reads: “Victoria, a girl with total blindness plaits hair, she plaits the hair of girls in her classroom..not just hair alone, she also ties gele. She told me we should employ a make-up artist in her school that she wants to learn make-up. She said “as far as they teach me, there is nothing I can’t do” . I love her spirit, y’all need to meet her.

Twitter users react
@Brainmartin29 said: “God is Great.”
@Abiodun756 commented: “Great wonder.”

@Sunrule3 reacted: “Keep up the good work!!”
@makaveli18790 said: “Very beautiful to see

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