You’ve watered down Yul Edochie’s personality, I don’t know what he sees in you – Blessing CEO drags Judy Austin

Blessing CEO, a controversial relationship guru, weighs in on Yul Edochie’s polygamy scandal while criticizing Judy Austin for insulting the actor.

Yul Edochie and Judy have been on everyone’s lips since last year, when the actor startled many by revealing the child he had with a coworker and accepting Judy as his second wife.

While many celebrities and netizens have expressed their various points of view, Blessing CEO stated that it was time for her to do so as well, as she has received inquiries from individuals seeking her viewpoint on the subject.

Blessing CEO explained that she and Yul are good friends and that he has the right to take another wife because polygamy is legal in Africa.

She does not agree with the way he treated his first wife, May, particularly after the death of their first child.

She accused Judy Austin of undermining Yul Edochie’s former status through her frequent online shenanigans.

Blessing also stated that she does not believe Judy charmed Yul and wonders what the actor sees in Judy Austin that causes him to act the way he does.

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