If Nigeria didn’t celebrate election riggers, young people won’t forge certificates – Bitcoin Chief insists on sponsoring Mmesoma.

A man known as Bitcoin Chief has reaffirmed his commitment to sponsoring Mmesoma, a JAMB student who recently faced exposure and sanctions for forging her JAMB results.

Mmesoma confessed to the act before a committee established by the Anambra state government.

However, Bitcoin Chief, a concerned Nigerian, has stepped forward to announce his intentions regarding her situation.

In a recent statement, Bitcoin Chief clarified that he has not wavered in his decision and remains dedicated to sponsoring Mmesoma.

He emphasized that he will not withdraw or retract his promise to the JAMB student.

He added that the young girl wouldn’t have done what she did of some individuals in the country had not engaged in illegal electoral acts.

His statement “I will still sponsor Mmesoma. Whether she agreed or not that’s not my problem. Suppose illegality was not celebrated openly like INEC swearing in a President who didn’t win the Elections, A president with a Forged Certificate and no trace of Primary to University Education, If Nigeria didn’t celebrate Elected officials who rig elections, etc.”

“Young people won’t see a reason to forge certificates and be celebrated openly. While we address this, we must look at the entire society.”

“If you want us to accept, celebrate and defend a President who rigged Election with Forged Certificate, we must also not destroy Little Girl’s future with a forged certificate.”

“I will personally call her and explain to her that JAMB numbers don’t define how far she can go in life and next time she shouldn’t bother Forging one. I and our company @voiceoftheeast will still SPONSOR her!”

“Whenever we are ready to clean the mess society has become we will start with public officials many who are elected with forged certificates.”

“They are the bad examples People like Mmesoma are copying from. She has made a mistake and she must be corrected and shown the right path for next time! Selah!”