Biography of Reverend Gomba Fortune Oyor

Born on 18th July 1959, Reverend (Dr) Gomba Fortune Oyor was from Eleme, Rivers State but spent most of his adult life in South West Nigeria, precisely in Ibadan, Oyo State. He had his Bachelor’s degree at the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port-Harcourt while his Master’s (M.Ed) and PhD (Community Development) degrees were obtained at the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Reverend (Dr) Gomba Fortune Oyor further completed a leadership course at the Haggai Institute of Advanced Leadership Training, Singapore.

During his undergraduate days, he was on fire for Jesus serving as a founding member and President of the Student Christian Movement Branch of his University. With a mandate to spread the Healing and Deliverance power of God around the world, he founded God Will Do It Ministries (Freedom Assembly) in 1992, with headquarters in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

He was also the President of God Will Do It Ministries, School of Deliverance and Healing (SODAH), God Will Do It Ministries Seminary and Senior Pastor of God Will Do It Ministries Christian Centre.

Books written by Reverend Gomba Fortune Oyor;

  • ‘Complete Deliverance and Healing In Jesus Name’;
  • ‘How To Move Your Mountains’ (1991);
  • ‘Healing For All’ (1994);
  • ‘Covenants, Curses and the Ways Out’ (1994);
  • ‘Knowing God Intimately’ (1996);
  • ‘Alcohol, The Devil’s Weapon’ (1997);
  • ‘Who Needs Deliverance’ (2000);
  • ‘From Poverty to Prosperity’ (co-authored with Bishop Wale Oke, 2001);
  • ‘The Prayer God Answers’ (2004);
  • ‘Vertical and Horizontal Family Curses’ (2005);
  • ‘War against Temporal and Permanent Enemies’ (2006);
  • ‘Enjoying Divine Favour’ (2007);
  • ‘Towards Sexual Purity’ (2009);
  • ‘Dealing with Stubborn Cases’ (2009);
  • ‘Come Up Higher’ (2009);
  • ‘The Secret Use of Sand in the Hands of the Enemy’ (2009);
  • ‘Hearing God’s Voice’ (2012); ‘Sound of Abundance’ (2013);
  • ‘Power in the Spoken Word’ (2013);
  • ‘Specialised Deliverance and Prophecy Manual’ (2014);
  • ‘The Prayer God Answers (A quiet manual for all Christians, 2020)’;
  • ‘The God of the Impossible’ (2020);
  • ‘40 Weapons to Deal with the Devil’ (2020);
  • ‘Freedom of Satanic Marks’;
  • ‘Self Deliverance Works’.

Late Reverend Gomba Fortune Oyor is the father of the popular Pastor Lawrence Gomba-Oyor and Godswill Oyor.

Reverend (Dr) Gomba Fortune Oyor was a humble man, he shared openly his personal deliverance from financial hardship 14 years after he was called into the Deliverance Ministry and how international doors opened up for the Ministry from a simple prayer by an older Pastor, though he first doubted the efficacy because he expected a longer prayer.

According to Reverend (Dr) Gomba Fortune Oyor, “I travelled over 400 km to meet this man of God who was then about 70 years. When I got to him, he laughed and wondered what kind of deliverance I needed. He later agreed to pray along with me. He did. It was a simple prayer for my wife and me. We thanked him and left the place. But I was not happy.

I thought he would hold at least a three-hour prayer with me. As I was ruminating on this, the Holy Spirit spoke to me and asked whether what I wanted is long prayers or answered prayers. I told him I wanted answered prayers. And that was it.”

From receiving approximately N25 as honorarium, his financial level skyrocketed to a multiple fold increase.
“Few days after that encounter, I was invited to minister in a church in Lagos and the honorarium I got was mind boggling. I carried the money with my two hands.

That was the first time I would get such. Few days after, somebody wrote a cheque of N500, 000 for our Ministry. That had never happened before.” – Reverend G.F Oyor

He answered the triumphant homegoing call on 7th August 2020, with most people expressing shock and unbelief since he had just recently celebrated his 61st Birthday among family and friends.