A COMPLETE HISTORY OF MOSES ORIMOLADE TUNOLASE. (A Nigerian White Garment Church founder). Ajagunmokadi

Moses Orimolade Tunolase is the founder of Cherubim and seraphim church. He was born to a family of herbalist and his father was a powerful oracle consultant.

His father’s name was Tunolase and his mother’s name was Abigail Odijoroto, he was the third in a family of six children with three brothers and two sisters.


The oracle predicted that the baby in the womb would be an important, powerful servant of God and that the parents should be careful not to stumble through him.

One day, his mother went to the farm to fetch firewood when she knocked her foot against a stone and surprisingly a voice greeted her from the womb.

Obviously she was scared and afraid, more so there was nobody around her. As a powerful woman herself, she quickly recited incantations to drive away any evil spirit around her.

After she gathered a large quantity of firewood, more than she could lift up by herself she started groaning calling for help and a voice from the womb spoke out and said “don’t worry, I will help you.”

She asked who was speaking and the voice said: “I am the baby in your womb.” As she was getting prepared to carry the load, the load was miraculously lifted on to her head.

Obviously that was an experience too much to keep to herself, she narrated the incident to her husband who took her to a very strong oracle consultant that confirmed that the baby in the womb was a servant of God and should be left alone to pursue his journey in life.


As soon as he was born, he stood up in his birth blood and tried to walk. Three times he did this. The midwife, was scared that she pressed the baby down with force each time and quickly sent for his father – Tunolase.

On arrival, Tunolase too was scared (since such a thing had never been heard or seen), he joined with full strength and incantations, which eventually overpowered and crippled his legs.

At age 5, he went into St Stephen’s Anglican Church (C.M.S) -the only church at Ikare and sang alone. The strange light and sound in the church drew that attention of the resident minister who went to investigate.

On opening the door, there was nobody except a young boy, that sat down and was singing alone- yet it sounded like a multitude of people singing. When Orimolade was asked who was in the church singing – he answered,
“We are.”

This incident popularised Orimolade Okejebu in the town and the minister asked the young boy to come and teach the church some songs.

Loke odo jordani
L’ a pe mi (2)
Awon Olufe mi to ti lo, to ti lo,
Mo fe lo ba won wole ogo
Aki yo ya mo titi lailai lailai
Wo sile, wo sile Ife,
iwe Jesu so fun mi pe
Angeli gbe mi lo mo Ayo,
Jesu so mu mi wole e.


The converts of Orimolade from paganism to Christianity soon increased
in Ikare while idol worshipers and masquerades started to decrease.

The idol worshippers felt threatened and mounted a serious fight with cutlasses and charms against Orimolade and his followers.

With Orimolade in front and his followers threading carefully behind him, the idol worshippers were captivated by their own charms, turned against each
other and cut themselves.

The police were drafted in and could not believe that people in the same  group would fight and injure each other to that extent.

Consequently, the followers of Orimolade that were unarmed physically were accused of being responsible for those that were injured.

The followers of Orimolade were arrested and taken to Kabba – the provincial headquarter at that time.

Moses Orimolade went to kabba and preached that God said that all the innocent people in detention should be released. It was at Kabba that
the popular C&S song descended: –

“E funpe na kikan “which means: “sound the call profoundly “– i.e. for the release of captives. All Orimolade’s followers were released and they came back to Ikare together.

This victory meant that all opponents of Orimolade had to bow down and find a way to compromise and win him to their side. They then decided to bestow upon him one of the highest priestly titles in the town – but being led by the Holy Spirit, he told them that was not his mission on earth.


1. Orimolade would go to farm with his brother Peter Omojola but would not sleep at night; he would sing spiritual songs from night till morning.

2. He was a very good hunter that would go to the bush alone without a cutlass or a gun, yet would come back home with slaughtered animals.

3. He once tried to do business by buying and selling of palm oil and kola nuts. He traveled to a town called Oshokoshoko in Northern Nigeria with his friend.

On his way, an angel of God appeared to him and warned him not to jeopardise his mission as a prophet of God with business.

He refused to take the warning and as soon as he got to Oshokoshoko, he fell seriously sick, people thought that he would die.

His friend returned to Ikare to inform them. His brother Egunjobi was sent to bring him back home, however before Egunjobi got to Oshokoshoko, Orimolade had got back to Ikare, by what means – nobody knew.

4. One day, Orimolade paid his close friend Garuba a visit. As it was getting
dark, Orimolade bid his friend goodbye and began to walk home (bearing in mind that he was crippled and could only walk with the aid of a stick).

His friend Garuba decided to discover the mystery as to how Orimolade walks about. So Garuba mounted his bicycle and started to follow or chase Orimolade but he never saw or overtook Orimolade along the way.

On getting to Orimolade’s house, Garuba met him at home – Surprise! Surprise! Orimolade asked Garuba what he was trying to investigate.

5. Orimolade fasted for three months after which he called his mother to fetch water and bath for him.

Afterwards he told his mother that he wanted to prepare a feast for the town and asked his mother to assemble the pots and be ready for feast preparation.

To everybody’s amazement including his mother, people started to walk in with loads of foodstuff as gifts – which exceeded what they needed.


Moses Orimoade started his missionary journey at Ikare around 1916 and he traveled to the length and breath of Nigeria-, which could be likened to the journey of first Apostles of Jesus Christ in the Bible.

He traveled from Ikare to Irun, Ogbagi, Ayere, Ogidi, Kabba, Abaji, Igan, Ikase, Egbe, and Bida, to the North and back to Ilorin, Ikirun, Oshogbo, Ogbomosho, Ibadan, Abeokuta and finally Lagos.

Everywhere that Orimolade went, he encountered opposition from idol
worshipers and forces of darkness but at all times he rebuked and overcame them.

A few examples as listed below:
At Irun: Irun is a village, a few miles from Ikare known for its witchcraft practices and evil masquerade performances. He also pulled down the image of Osijora- the predominant idol worshiped in that village.

At Ogidi: He stayed with a church leader called Olupeka who warned him about a river in the village that non-relatives must not go there. The indigenous of Ogidi have worshiped and sacrificed to the spirits in the river for many years.

Orimolade took his preaching to the river, prayed into the water and it dried up. The evil fish -like creatures were exposed and

At Ikirun: Sango worshipers constantly attacked the Anglican Church at Ikirun. While Orimolade was in the church, the sango worshipers conjured lightening and thunder stone to strike them but immediately the attack returned and killed the sango worshippers. The Christians at Ikirun were left alone ever since then.

At Ogbomosho: As Orimolade and his entourage got to Ogbomosho, he
encountered a charlatan young woman who condemned him, and insulted his entire entourage. Orimolade was annoyed because of the woman’s remark and he asked his entourage to leave the town but before he left he cursed the town that: “Rain shall not fall in this town again, pregnant  women shall not give birth to new babies and the lady will surely loose her life.”

At Benin: Orimolade condemned the practice of human sacrifice. In his sermon to a large crowd, he said God created man in his own image. By his sermon,many traditional worshipers gave up their charms to be burnt.


An angel of God appeared to Orimolade in a dream and gave him three things:

1. A staff or rod – for victory
2. A royal insignia – authority for prayer
3. A crown – honour and respect from
every individual.

After the dream, he realised that his mission to preach the gospel of Christ was irrevocable. From that time he started to preach the word of God to friends and people around him – to the amazement of indigenes that were predominantly idol worshipers.


In every town he visited, he directed his converts to existing churches irrespective of their denomination, and where there was no Christian church he helped to establish one.

Orimolade went to preach on a Sunday in the church and he preached for eight hours and read the Bible from Genesis to Exodus without looking at any book. He also performed many miracles on that day which displeased the host minister T.A. Ogunbiyi, he became jealous.

Everybody in the Church was amazed, as they had never seen such activities before. Archdeacon Ogunbiyi invited Orimolade for a revisit sermon in his church but planted charms at the entrance of the church to harm Orimolade.

Unfortunately, instead of harming Orimolade, the church warden was harmed – he collapsed and Orimolade resuscitated him with prayer.

From there on Moses Orimolade was called Baba Aladura, which means
Praying father. Ogunbiyi challenged Orimolade to tell them the Bible school he attended and how he acquired such a versatile translation of the Bible. Ogunbiyi was also in disagreement with Orimolade’s free gift of holy water for healing. Ogunbiyi felt that the blessed water should be a source of income for his church. Eventually Orimolade was sent out of the church and he continued his open preaching in Lagos – emphasising the need for absolute faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit, the efficacy of prayers for healing and the use of Psalms, his outstanding preaching ability was reflected in quoting passages from the


A delegate from the town of Ogbomosho had been trailing Moses Orimolade since the event that put their town under a curse. Eventually they caught up with him in Lagos and begged him to forgive them and go back with them to Ogbomosho to remove the curse. The whole town had
suffered due to lack of rain and pregnant ones had failed to deliver.

On the day that Orimolade stepped into Ogbomosho, he prayed that God should avert the curse. Rain started to fall heavily and many pregnant women delivered on that day. The whole of Ogbomosho Township
realised instantly that Orimolade was God sent.

Other events in Lagos

1. A boy who swallowed a needle vomited it when Orimolade prayed for

2. A lady fell into the lagoon and was delivered back alive after Orimolade
prayed for her to return alive.

3. A masquerader at Obun-Eko, Lagos sent a message to Orimolade not to
come and preach at Obun-Eko.

Orimolade sent back to him and gave him the date that he would be there to preach.

On the faithful day, the masquerader was fully armed with his charm. Orimolade with his entourage approached the man-reciting psalms 24 and 91 – but as the masquerade saw Orimolade approaching, he (the masquerader) collapsed and died. On that day, the popular C&S. song descended

Aje nse lasan ni Kerubu a pa won run
Which means: – witches are doing in vain Cherubim will destroy them