Biography of Gloria Bamiloye

Marital Status: Married (Mike Bamiloye)
Ministry: Mount Zion Faith Ministries

Evangelist, wife to Mike Bamiloye, mother to Damilola, Joshua and Darasimi. All these defines Gloria Bamiloye and more. Gloria hails from Ilesa in Osun state but grew up in Lagos and Ibadan as she schooled in both cities. She is 55 years of age. Gloria was born into a muslim family but got introduced to Christ through her elder brother who got born again and became an influence to her life.

Growing up, Gloria admired pastors and wished to be one but she never imagined or knew that she would minister to people through drama.

Gloria has since been an instrument in the hands of God right from her days as a single woman. There is a saying that behind a successful man, there’s a strong woman. I’ll dare say ‘beside’ a successful man. Gloria Bamiloye is that strong woman beside Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, the President of Mount Zion Movies. She has indeed succeeded at the home front; as a wife and mother, and in ministry, influencing the Kingdom of God through her teachings and movie productions.

Gloria Bamiloye talks passionately about raising Godly children and Godly homes and this is no mere teaching as her teachings reflects in the lives of her Godly raised children and her lovely family. On raising Godly homes, Gloria shared her perspective at an interview:

“Every married woman must have the vision for her home because that is the primary ministry for every married woman. Not that God can’t use you beyond your home but whatever you will be eventually, if the home is not standing, you cannot go far. Though in our modern world, many are despising the home thinking they can go far…when your home is standing firmly, then God can take you anywhere, He can use you to any level.

That is why I always talk more about the woman, stay in your home, raise your children, help your husband. You won’t lose anything, rather you are building yourself and you are establishing your future. All these children are the future, if you don’t raise them now, you are neglecting your future and anything can happen, but if you want to have peace at the end of the day, you want to have rest, build those children, keep your home, you will laugh at last”.

Gloria was one of the founding members of the Mount Zion movie production which started merely as a drama unit ministration in Ife on the 11th of July 1986. She got married to Evangelist Mike in 1988 and in 1989, their ministry went on full time with just 20 members. Then, the ministry was still called Mount Zion Christian Production before it changed.

As a young lady who would have several suitors, Gloria was no exemption as she had a juicy proposal from a lawyer but chose evangelist Mike rather, who as at then had no steady job as young ladies would wish for. Gloria was quizzed during an interview on the show ‘True Talk’ concerning this circumstance and how she could discern who her right husband was and she replied thus:

“I want to believe it is the work of the Holy Spirit, because naturally, not that you don’t have people trying to woo you but that is why it is very important to give your life to Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit…one thing that God opened my eyes to see was the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit actually work in our lives. Definitely, it is not easy to say yes to a man who has no steady job, things of life, these are the things many of our ladies are looking for these days, somebody who has arrived.

But if you have the Holy Spirit inside of you, you will see beyond the man. During those period, God actually showed us the future by the help of the Holy Spirit, so when I saw brother Mike, I didn’t see him as just a man but I saw the man who was loaded with the power and the gift of the Holy Spirit, I saw future, I saw beyond him. So when I was saying ‘we have work, are we not working now?’, so you can imagine that what I was seeing was not for then but for now.

That is why it is very important that before you choose somebody, don’t choose by what you see now, let God open your eyes to the future of that person. So I think that is what helped me then to trust the Holy Spirit to see beyond him, to see the future of that man and the plan of God for that man. That is what we believe in and that is what gave me the confidence to say ‘this is the right man for my life.’ I think we should give kudos to the Holy Spirit”.

After Gloria got married to brother Mike as she is fond of calling him, she shared their difficult times and how poverty caused them to eat corn three times a day. According to her, she made different kind of meals from corn and they even as it as rice. Her children were born into that condition.

She also said that they had financial concerns as a drama ministry back then as there was no way to collect offering from people, they were a drama ministry after all not a church. Gloria trusted in God and believed in the future of brother Mike and the ministry God had handed to them. She thanks God all of that phase is over now.

Today, Gloria is the co-founder of the Mount Zion Drama Ministry, she is not just an actor but she has written and produced many movies, some are titled; Higher Calling, The Haunting Shadows and My Mother In-law.

Gloria’s ministry for raising Godly homes is worthy of celebration. She is indeed what the Bible describes as the virtuous woman. She represents the many strong women who have sacrificed to raise their families and build Godly homes.
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