Biography of Evangelist Oluwafemi Ajewole (Alfa Sule Otiganpa)

Born on August 2nd, Evangelist Oluwafemi Ajewole who is popularly known as Alfa Sule and Otiganpa is the founder of the Christ Chosen Vessels Dance Drama Ministry, an evangelical dance drama ministry based in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Evangelist Femi Ajewole is the elder brother of the popular comedian, Ayo Ajewole who is also known as “Woli Agba”. He started the ministry In 2002 with only 10 students and today, the group has grown big and now boasting of more than 40 cast members.

Evangelist Femi Ajewole and the Christ Chosen Vessels Dance Drama Ministries came to the limelight after the official release of Take heed (Otiganpa) and the popular Alfa Sule stage drama performance which featured Ayo Ajewole as Woli Agba.

The leader and visionary of the popular dance drama group, Christ Chosen Vessel Dance Drama Ministry has impacted many lives through many of his works. Among the movies produced are;

  • Ijo wa (Our Church)
  • Agbelebu (The Cross)
  • Parable
  • Hidden
  • Epe (Negative Ulterance/Curse)
  • Pride 1&2
  • Take heed
  • Oruko nla (The Greatest Name)
  • Amos 3/3.

His ministry has impacted so many young generations, and he has produced so many talents particularly Ayo Ajewole, his younger brother. He has risen to the face of top comedian in Nigeria today. He is known by his stage name, “Woli Agba”. Femi Ajewole is happily married with children.

Evangelist Femi Ajewole is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.