Bina Jennifer Efidi, woman who was injured in Saturday’s election gets offer to relocate abroad.

It seems greater fortune is about to smile on Bina Jennifer Efidi, the woman who got injured after thugs attacked her polling unit in Lagos.

It was reported Jennifer narrated her ordeal in the hands of some hoodlums who attacked her polling unit in Surulere.

A man has now promised to help Jennifer Efidi who is being called a hero of Saturday’s elections for returning to vote despite the brutal attack, with relocation plans abroad.

The man identified as Oludayo Sokunbi (Deewon), took to Twitter to announce his plans.

Deewon who runs a relocation consulting company stated that Jennifer’s eyes were not affected by her injury.

Sharing a screenshot of when he had a video call with her, Deewon promised Jennifer would leave Nigeria after the elections. He tweeted:

“Remember this woman that was injured on Saturday?

I just had a video call with her.

She just left the hospital and she is getting better.

I will make sure she leaves Nigeria after this election.

@SummerOkibe, I already told her two of us will have a meeting with her.”

A tweep, @Saturnrings_27 asked: “Please Sir, I hope her sight wasn’t damaged in any way.”

Deewon responded: “It wasn’t. I saw it and she confirmed.”