Before you drag Pastors for using police escorts, remember you also own security cams, doors etc – Jaymikee

jaymikee, joshua mike-bamiloye, Before you attack Pastors using police escorts, remember you also own security cams, doors

Popular gospel film editor, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye has called on Christians who derive joy dragging Pastors who make use of police escorts/security during event to consider the security measures they equally put in place for their safety.

This came on board following a tweet he made few hours back asking his followers on twitter to drop topics they felt they could be dragged for if shared. As many of his followers took to the comment section to share controversial issues, he took his time to reply almost all.

However, the gospel film editor and music maker tweeted some hours ago reminding Christians who take the lead in dragging pastor over their police escorts to also remember they did all to protect their homes from physical attacks.

In his words; As a Christian contributing for Neighborhood security, using barbed wires, owning security cams, security doors, electric fences etc should you really be bashing high profile pastors for sometimes having police escorts/security?

However, this tweet generated different reactions as some support that bashing Pastors with security is uncalled for while some questioned the tweet. Read some replies below

Voice of Faith: As a high profile pastor with escort and security, should you really be bashing people without security for being scared of moving at night or early morning to attend/come back from vigils/services that you set at that time knowing you’re a high profile pastor with security? 

Pelumi D: “So funny, many people are just after criticism and looking for way to talk down on pastors. I don’t even have time to argue with those kind of people, I just ignored their foolishness.”

Nedum: This one weak me oo… Shuuuu. Even Baba J had twelve able body men around him always. And some with security weapons. After all Simon Perter been chop off person ear when they try rubbish with Baba J
Son of god:Jesus’ deciples weren’t bodyguards bro. Get your facts right
Fathy07: They weren’t but make no mistake about it: they served in that capacity unofficially. Plus, they were perfectly capable of physically tackling people who would have wanted to constitute physical threat, if that were necessary in GOD’s sovereignty. Four of the disciples were…