Shinning like the sun: Video of fine baby with thick natural hair goes viral

baby with thick natural hair

TikTok users are reacting to a video of a girl endowed with naturally thick and dark hair.

The child was dressed in a beautiful polo that made her look so cute in the video.

In the viral video which now has over 96k likes, the girl had a red ribbon on her thick and curly afro hair.

Viral video of a baby with thick hair

Her eyes were crystal clear, with a face that looked like that of an angel.

Some people have said the girl looks completely spotless.

Her hair is a major point of attraction on her body.

It got many people asking her parents what product they apply to it.

It is so long and dark that some may even be forgiven if they argue that the hair is not natural.

The video was posted by @itz.lahnie.

Reactions from TikTok users

@Treasure girl said: “My second baby look alike.”
@Lydia Mensah commented: “Beautiful. I tap into your blessing.”

@Gifty Amoako138 reacted: “I tap into this blessing.”
@peace berry said: “Wow beautiful baby.”

@Monica Oparebea48 said: “She so cute.”
@Sasha said: “Oh my heart.”

@pretty gold said: “Wow so cute your baby too cute oooo.”
@preciousm82 said: “Wow the hair so cute n nice what are you puting on his hair please which hair food the name.”

@Opaluwa Faith Eleojo said: So cute. Look so much like my unborn babies.” @Fadoo Fanm Arcahaie said: “Sunshine.”

Watch the video below:


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