Audio: I’d have po!son£d my ex-husband to d£ath if we were still together — Actress Tonto Dikeh

tonto dikeh churchill

Tonto Dikeh, a Nigerian actress, says she would have killed her former husband, Olakunle Churchill with ‘rat poison’ if they were not divorced.

Tonto Dikeh has been in a protracted feud with Churchill since they ended their short-lived marriage, a union that has birthed numerous allegations and repeated counterclaims.

In a leaked audio shared by Olakunle Churchill himself on IG, the Nollywood actress said in the audio that the fellow should not allow her husband access to her son and that if they were still together she would have k#lled him without any sense of remorse.

Recall that in 2021, an audio also leaked online where Tonto Dikeh narrated how she made life hard for Olakunle Churchill, revealing that burnt her former husband’s clothes on several occasions.

She said, “I dealt with him, if Churchill slap me once, I slap him ten times before the second slap landed. He didn’t know what was hitting him. If I see any bruise on my body, I’m burning his whole clothes and you know he likes designer (sic). “I’ll burn down the whole cloth, burn down everything. In fact, there was a day I locked him outside, took his things outside.

All his clothes with box outside my house, I snapped it and sent to all his family. I say tell your son to come and pick his properties. His mother started begging me.

 “When my father heard, he said, ‘You are a mad woman, you mean you locked a man outside the house and his family members were begging you like this’. I say, ‘Daddy, you won’t understand’. If I’m still with Churchill till today, Churchill would have been dead.

I will give him rat poison, simple as that, and I won’t feel bad nor guilty. I will walk away like a widow because it’s better that I became a widow than all this kind of things.”

Recently, the two resumed their online dragging following Churchill’s birthday post on IG to celebrate his son. This birthday post didnt seat well with Tonto Dikeh on the ground that he has not been playing his role as the father of the child for since he was born.

According to her, she won the child custody battle with him and was given full custody of their son, hence, Olakunle Churchill’s anger. Tonto added that Churchill was ordered to pay for their son’s CS fees, but paid 4 months fees because he had told the Court he was broke.

She claimed her Ex-hubby has never paid the boy’s school fees for once neither has a he explored visitation but he keeps telling people that she denies him access to his child.

In a lengthy rant on Instagram, The mother of one revealed that she regrets having Churchill as the father of her kid as he is the worst thing that ever happened to her. Tonto also leaked the WhatsApp chat Churchill sent to her after her mother’s demise.

She wrote in parts; “For 7years, you have only paid4 MONTHS CS fee, NO/ZERO SCHOOL FEES and have NEVER EVER DONE A VISITATION OR ATTEMPTED TO.. yet you self pity telling people you don’t have access to my child?

After much BEGGING and pleading, let you come around for his 1st birthday with you contributing NOT EVEN A PIN OR GIVING HIM A PRESENT. Yet you ran to social media to post pictures as though you lifted a finger, even told people you sponsored the party…

My stand is my stand, I would not spend so much MONEY taking care of a child ALONE for you to have access, only to DECEIVE the world that you are taking care of him (you were called 6years ago to pay school fees By the school, you told them you had made a transfer and BLOCKED them, sol decided to take away your SURNAME from his permanently).”


Churchill had in 2020 filed a N500 million suit against Dikeh after she made some claims about him, which she said had prompted their divorce. In 2019, Churchill also threatened legal action against the actress, petitioning the inspector general of police over her “illegal sale” of his N22 million Toyota Prada SUV.

Dikeh and Churchill got married in 2015 and the union was blessed with a son. They, however, called it quits in 2017, following a series of heated quarrels and “irreconcilable” differences.