At 82, yet no glasses – Actress Chioma Chukwulotam celebrates Pastor W.F Kumuyi on his 82nd birthday

Popular gospel drama minister, Chioma Chukwulotam has joined the Christian community to celebrate the General Superintendent of the Christian Life Bible Ministry, Pastor W.F Kumuyi as he turns 82 years of age today, 6th of June, 2023.

Sharing a picture of Pastor Kumuyi, the actress revealed that she is a proud member of the Christian Life Bible Ministry and has been blessed through various arms of the denomination.

She highlighted the life transforming programs Christian Life Bible Ministry has introduced that has blessed her and other youths. She added that Pastor W.F Kumuyi has also showed through his deeds that holiness is possible.

The actress also called the attention of her followers to a mystery many may not have noticed noting that the octogenarian minister of God reads the bible without glasses.

She further prayed for him that he will move from strength to strength and he will finish strong.

In her words;

Whatever you see manifest in my life as grace, is a result of Baba’s labour and travail that Christ be formed in me. He legit fathered me in the faith. He is MY DADDY.

He fathered me through the:

– Youth Monday Bible Study,

– Youth Revival Service,

– Success Academy for Youths,

– Deeper Life Campus Fellowship,

– December and Easter Retreats,

– Search the Scriptures,

– Sunday Worship Services,

– Leadership Training Programme,

– Books, Publications, etc.

Daddy Kumuyi @officialwfkumuyi

Nurtured me right from children church through the many godly children-centred programmes of the church and the amazing teachers we had. He gave us a solid foundation in the faith.

I am a proud product of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, where Jesus only is our message.

Thank you, DADDY, for all the tireless labours in the Kingdom. At the time when men retire, you have been firing on like you’re just starting.

Thank you for consistently preaching nothing but Jesus and His righteousness. I can’t forget your message titled, ‘Purity within, A must.’

Thank you, sir for exemplifying Holiness to us. Your humility is humbling.

You not only planted the seeds, you watered it, weeded it, tended it, nurtured it and saw to it that it bore correct fruits.

I pray for you daddy, this year also, your strength will not abate, your eyes will not dim.

I wonder how you still manage to read the Bible so clearly at 82 without glasses! Kai!

You shall continue to go from strength to strength. As your days so shall your strength be. Daddy, you will finish well and strong.

You will not miss your reward, sir. Your labour in all GCK shall be rewarded. No power of hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck you from the Master’s hand.

I pray long life, sound health and all round prosperity on you, daddy.

God bless your new age, sir.

Happy birthday, daddy @officialwfkumuyi