At 39, still single, no children, no car, no house – Woman tearfully laments (Video).

A 39-year-old woman has taken to social media to lament some of her life challenges.

In a video she shared on her TikTok page, she complained about being single, childless, without a car, or a house of her own at 39.

The quite touching video has garnered over a million views after she shared it online and stirred emotions from social media users.

In the clip, the woman is seen shedding tears as she highlights her struggles.

“At 39, still single, no children, no car, no house. Dear Lord.” She captioned the video.

Reacting to the clip, many women via the comments encouraged her with kind words and their life stories.

A user @havlah advised her to slow down and be patient with life. Her words,

“Slow down and be patient with life.. If you are looking for wealth, some body else is looking for health..

If you are looking for health, some body just died.. Each time a new mansion springs fort, a new grave is dug below the earth..

Each time you throw away food, someone else is looking for Random to eat..

For each smile on the planet, there’s a drop of tears in another place on the planet.. For each celebration of a new birth, there are wailing over death..

Each time you drink water, someone is using pipe for the same purpose.. So, always be thankful.. Think of the goodness you have rather than the vanities you long for.”

user58146272710 added, “Never give up I had my little girl at ur age now 47 only got her and me gratefull gud will bless you least expect it x.”

katohillary651 said: ”Me almost 35 no place I call home living a wondering life now talking terminated from my job but I have hope God will help me I start home inshallah.”

Andy Yesican #major# said: “Please do everything in your power to give birth to at least a child .. if the marriage is not coming. It’s the best thing that can happen to you.”

Tonia Omasan said: ”It well my sister, don’t stop trusting Him. He can do more than you expected.”

user58146272710 said: “Never give up. I had my little girl at your age. I am now 47 only got her and me grateful. God will bless you when you least expect it ”

charisha said: ”It’s better to marry late than marrying the wrong person. I recently moved out of my marriage of 9 years because of mental torture keep your head high.”

Watch video below,


Dear Lord 😭😭😭

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