‘At 34 you’re still carrying bom bom up and down, no wonder you are not married yet’ – Netizens drag Didi Ekanem over her recent outfit


Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem has been dragged by Netizens for wearing a revealing outfit to the airport.

The 34 year old movie star who doubles as a Chef had via her verified Instagram page noted that she just came into Lagos all the way from Akwa – Ibom and wouldn’t want to be stressed by the state.

“Lagos be nice… one month holiday for my papa house , I be like soft bread . 😩 Make Lagos hustle no come turn me into iron spoon😩 Anyways, I don come back,” she wrote.

However, her choice of dressing did not go down well with some of her followers and they expressed their aggressions via the comment section of her post.

Wiz Abdul wrote: “At your age see what you wore to the airport. Ask yourself, after years of carrying bom bom on and off social media, you don marry?”

Didi Ekanem responded, ” sorry, next time I will tie wrapper so that I can marry.”

Another user, Lindisparkus wrote: “Naaaah, shey na seduce you come do us like this for plane with all these fire everywhere?”

In an earlier interview, Didi Ekanem had said no matter what she wears her curves are always pronounced.

“Back then (early days of career), people thought the only thing I had going on for me was my body. People seem to think that as a curvy woman, one attracts extraordinary favour because of how one looks, but that is not true.

As an actor, I felt people were not able to notice my talent; it was as if my body was overshadowing my talent.

Whenever my name was mentioned, it was always about me having a big bum. I had to work twice as hard as other people, and it just did not feel right.

I wanted people to appreciate my talent. Thankfully, I have been able to change that narrative through the things I do.

A lot of people now realise that I am a very hard-working woman, and that makes me happy.”

Speaking on her parents supporting her career, Didi Ekanem said: “My dad supported my career but it was not easy. Initially, I told my dad that I wanted to become a lawyer, and he also wanted that.

That was why I bagged a Diploma in Law. I was suppose to switch over to a law degree through ‘direct entry’ into second year if I passed. But, I did not pass because there were a lot of distractions.

I then changed my mind from wanting to be a lawyer to being an actor. When I initially told my dad that I wanted to become an actress, he said I should forget about it.

But, I stood my ground, and he said if I wanted to become an actor, I would have to complete my studies. Afterwards, he started supporting me. He even paid for the film school I attended.”