“As a Christian you’re not supposed to be in this kind of position with a woman that’s not your wife” — Public figure schools Moses Bliss

A Facebook public figure chastises gospel singer, Moses Bliss, for the intimate position he assumed with his fiancée, Marie. Moses Bliss had traveled all the way to the UK to celebrate a huge milestone in his fiancée’s career as well as celebrate Valentine’s Day together.

He shared the video as well as some photos that portrayed their budding relationship and love. However, this young man believes that their position is not appropriate for Christian couples who are not married yet.

He took to his Facebook page, Ossai Ovie Success, to write;

“Dear Moses Bliss, this is against Christianity. As a christian, you are not supposed to be in this kind of position with a woman that is not your wife yet. You just committed fornic*tion by using your body to touch her body. You should know better being a Gospel singer.

Don’t tell me this is happening because you guys are engaged. Being engaged doesn’t makes you guys husband and wife . It’s a s*n to touch a woman before marriage, like holding hands and hugging.

In the Holy bible, 1 Corinthians 7:1 It is written “that It is good for a man not to touch a woman”

So this you have done, you need to ask God for forgiveness and don’t repeat this before paying her bride price.

Ossai Ovie Success”