‘Appreciate great script writers, it’s not easy’ – Femi Adebile exclaims

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As the month of January ended yesterday, Evang. Femi Adebile, President of PREM Film & Director of Fejosbaba TV, shared with his Facebook friends how he spent the month.

He claims that out of the 31 days that make up the month of January, he spent 18 of them writing down the blessings God had planned to bestow on people’s lives.

He continued by saying that creating scripts, especially series, is a difficult endeavor that takes a lot of dedication.

Therefore, he exhorted his followers to respect and appreciate brilliant filmmakers who write their own films.

He named renowned film directors like Evang. Joshua Bamidele, Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, Mike Bamiloye, and Joshua Bukola who have great movies to their names.

In his words; “This is how it has been for me since the beginning of this year I can bodly say I have spent 18 days of the previous 31 days for this Heavy inspiration that is heavier than the hands to pen it down.

Revelation that will take the receiver to wonder if it is actually true I don’t know how it is for writers o, but this is the most difficult aspects of my life.

Writing is not easy at all, especially when you have to be intentional about waiting, seeking and then writing your dialogues.

If you see any good script writer again Appreciate them! It’s not an easy task!

And some of us like Evang Damilola Mike Bamiloye, Daddy Mike Bamiloye, Pastor Victor Olukoju, Bro Oladejo Oluwabukola Bro Bamidele Oluwasegun Joshua who writes movie series who don’t employ writers but have to sit down to write scene upon scenes, line upon lines, it can only be the grace of God! We will sha be okay last last!

I think it’s our destiny to sit down for long hours repeatedly behind closed doors Anytime you see hair rough just know that it is it again! Happy New Month sha NO BIG DEAL is coming this Sunday!”