“Any lady who does not like to speak with you in the presence of your wife is an enemy to your marriage, BEWARE! ” – Mike Bamiloye to married men

Popular Nigerian Christian filmmaker Mike Bamiloye has taken to social media to issue a warning to married men about the dangers of allowing a third party especially ‘another women’ into their marriages.

In a recent Facebook post, Mike Bamiloye emphasized the importance of recognizing when a woman is trying to come between a man and his wife. He advised men to be wary of women who show a particular interest in them and try to steer them away from their spouses.

According to Bamiloye, these women are not friends but enemies of the marriage, and their intentions could ultimately lead to the destruction of the family unit. He urged men to be vigilant and to prioritize their marriage and family above all else.

The filmmaker’s post has garnered significant attention, with many praising him for his words of wisdom and encouragement.

Evang. Mike Bamiloye’s message serves as a timely reminder for husbands to remain faithful and committed to their spouses, in order to safeguard the sanctity of their marriage.

In his words;

Mark that Lady who does not like your wife, but likes to be with you! And she likes to always talk with you alone. SHE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. SHE IS ENEMY OF YOUR MARRIAGE. She would k!ll your Marriage. 

My Dear Brother, Husband of my Sister, 

Why should a Sister be calling you At late hours and asking you know “Hope your Wife is not there?”

And you said “No, dont worry, she is already sleeping” You are like a Someone who wants to trade his Home and Marriage away. 

You want to trade your beautiful wife away. You want to destroy the lives of your children. 


A Jezebel of our Generation. Dem plenty everywhere around us now.

Dont give them any soace. Defend your Home! 

Defend your Marriage! 

Protect your Children’s peace. 

Publisher’s Note: It is clear that Bamiloye’s words have struck a chord with many, as they serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of protecting the institution of marriage and keeping destructive influences at bay.