Adeyeye Adeola, another Nigerian chef, is embarking on a remarkable culinary journey as she prepares to compete in a grueling 150-hour cook-off.

Adeola has set her sights on surpassing the culinary feats of chefs Damilola Adeparusi and Hilda Baci, who currently hold the coveted Guinness World Record.

With a burning desire to make her mark in the culinary world, Adeola aims to claim the title and gain international recognition for her outstanding cooking skills.

By taking part in this demanding cook-off, Adeola hopes to showcase her expertise, creativity, and endurance in the kitchen.

The 150-hour cook-off promises to be a grueling and mentally challenging experience, requiring Adeola to demonstrate unwavering focus, precision, and stamina.

This ambitious endeavor reflects her commitment to pushing the boundaries of culinary excellence and setting new records in the industry.

As news of Adeola’s quest for the Guinness World Record spreads, anticipation and excitement are building among food enthusiasts and supporters of Nigerian talent.

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