Amid fresh feud, Tonto Dikeh ‘reiterates’ how she caught Churchill on red pant with laptop at night

There’s been a serious all out war on social media between Actress Tonto Dikeh and her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill again, and it is as messy as ever.

Just recently, Tonto lambasted her ex over a birthday note he penned to their son, King Andre on his birthday.

In response, Churchill debunked some of the claims of being a deadbeat father while referring to the mother of one as the toxic one blocking her from supporting their son.

Amid the ongoing feud, The movie star shared an old clip of her granting an interview on how she caught her estranged husband, Churchill with red pants and laptop at night.

In the video, She accused Churchill of being a “Yahoo boy” adding that she once caught him red handed at night wearing a ‘red pant with red candles and a laptop in a room at night.’

On why she made all the revelations in the interview, Tonto Dikeh said she is doing the video for her son, so he can grow up to see the fight she put up for him.

The mother of one said: “ First of all, I’m a mother. Not just a mother, but a mother who is dangerously in love with her son and I want my son to grow up and watch or listen to my own side of the story that I told him through my channel because, really, this is for my son, not really for the public.

“Secondly, I’m doing this because my son’s father has constantly been pricking and pushing me to do a lot of irrational things online that is not me, because of the things that he’s doing behind the scenes.

“I’ll like to clear up all the lies, all the allegations, and everything once and for all. “I feel terrible, I feel used. I am the bigest scam that Churchill Olakunle Oladunni has ever played in his life.

“Now, fraud, 419, Yahoo, You know, you go online, you dupe white women, you go online, you dupe people. that’s what my son’s father does.

“I’m not proud of it, I told you, I say this interview, it’s mainly not for Nigerians.I want my son to grow up, I’m not the kind of mother tht’s going to hide things from her son. No. My son will know everything and the whole truth.

“So, yes. My son’s father is a fraud. He does Yahoo. How I know, because I caught him in the middle of a red candle, with laptop in his lap and a red clothe tied around his waist.”

Sharing the video on her official Facebook page, Tonto Dikeh wrote: “The Evidence” SEE VIDEO AND POST BELOW

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