Ambassador of s€x toy company – Nigerian man calls out chef Dammy, questions her faith and morality for signing N1m brand deal

A Nigerian man identified as @Chrisblin on Twitter has call out popular Nigerian chef Damilola Adeparusi, widely known as Chef Dammy, for accepting a N1 million gift from the herbal company Fekomi.

The company presented the monetary gift to Chef Dammy in response to relentless online trolls that have targeted and mocked her.

Expressing his astonishment and disappointment, Chrisblin questioned why Chef Dammy, who was previously revered by many as a symbol of Christian values and moral conduct, would associate herself with Fekomi, a company involved in the sale of pleasure toys.

He wrote;

Wait, Chef Dammy, who was hailed as the yardstick of morality and face of Christianity, has gone to sign a N1M deal with a s€x toy company? ‘Satan, you do this one.”

Netizens Reactions…

@Larrynextstreet said;I asked when I saw the ambassadorial picture and asked if her pastor will allow her post things like that.”

@etims_couture said;A person said they want to cook for 120 hours which is 5 days and she did it in 3 days, how’s that Christianly of her? “She’s definitely not representing God.”

@Jdadi_ said;This chef dammy’s latest move is the same view i have of the muslim girl that ‘they’ converted recently but kept her long nails & nothing was said.Are they saying dhe wont pick up her hook.up calls anymore?

@Sir_franklyn said;I remembered when they said a born again Christian deserved to hold the award as Hilda Baci was the child of the world..

Guess who is now the ambassador of s€x toys? Her pastor fit even be her manager.”

@Mima_Gift sai said;Chef Dammy is the female portable, always in the news for the wrong reasons.”

@oluwamedina said;Lol I told someone that we all are going to hell cause I just don’t understand the world again.”

@Gazelle_____ said;Lmaooo, they said it’s a gift and not a deal but imo as the “righteous one” she wasn’t supposed to accept it.”

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