“Always hold the rider’s coat”: Moment woman falls from back of okada, flood water soaks her clothes (VIDEO)


Moment woman falls from back of okada, flood water soaks her clothes (VIDEO)

A woman fell from her bike and was covered in brownish water on the road. A video captures the incident.

The woman looked to be traveling to an international location when the event occurred, according to the video @jab0010 shared on TikTok.

The Okada man found a flooded road and made frantic attempts to escape, as shown on camera.

She fell off as a result of his inability to escape the flooded section of the road after getting stopped.

The bike didn’t begin to move until the woman fell, at which point the rider steered out of the water. The brownish floodwater soaked through the woman’s clothes.

Those who were present shouted when they saw what happened. The video generated a lot of comments after it was posted on TikTok.

Reactions as lady falls into flood water on her way to church

@favour 281 said: “I know deep down this boda guy was dying of laughter.”

@emeraldmaish reacted: “Always hold the rider’s coat in such situations. If I go down, we go down.”

@Julie natsug said: “Maybe she’s a government teacher.”

@Domix commented: “Sorry, Mummy G.O. See you in church on Sunday, giving testimony.”

@AARMY said: “The Lady there also has a big heart. You see this amount of water and sit down as if nothing had happened.”

@Ronnesskki said: “The bike man be like. You’ve reached your destination. Thanks for riding with us.”

Watch the video below:


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