Alleged Yahoo Boy arrested for k!lling 300 Level UNIPORT student – (VIDEO)

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Alleged Yahoo Boy arrested for k!lling 300 Level UNIPORT student – (VIDEO)

The police in Rivers State has taken a man named Collins into custody on suspicion of the heinous act of ending the life of his girlfriend, Otuene Justina Nkang.

Nkang, 300-level Biochemistry student of the University of Port Harcourt, who had been the subject of a missing person report, was tragically discovered in a mutilated state at the suspect’s house located on Road 15, NTA Road, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

According to reports, Collins found himself in hot water when the eagle-eyed estate security personnel caught him red-handed trying to dispose, make a clean getaway with the victim’s body.

In videos making the rounds, a crowd descended upon the suspect’s place after the security team sounded the alarm, and there, they stumbled upon a gruesome scene with Justina’s dismembered body parts neatly tucked away in gory sacks.

He was swiftly whisked away to the police station, while the unfortunate victim’s body parts were transported to the morgue for safekeeping.

The young man in question, is alleged to be involved in online fraud activities commonly referred to as “yahoo yahoo” and even accused of having connections to ritualistic practices.


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