All my years of hard work gone just like that – Man kicked out of his home by police after his wife secretly filed for divorce (Watch video)

An African American has revealed that he’s been evicted from his family house after his wife allegedly filed a false abuse claim in court in order to initiate a divorce.

He said his wife tried to get sole ownership of their joint home which is why she approached the court and claimed that he was abusing her which was why she wanted a divorce.

According to Pennsylvania-based man, it was all a well planned scheme by her to get an advantage over the properties they own using false pretenses.

He shared a video which showed when police officers came to the house to enforce the court order for him to vacate the house.

The distraught man lamented about how she exploited a loophole in the system to rip him out of what he owns, and he did not see it coming because she did it all in secret until the day police showed up at his home.

He suggested that men in similar situations should come together to find a way and ensure that women are not continually empowered by law to cheat their partners like in his case.

Watch the video below: