Alatenuje, Ole at 62 – Lizzy Anjorin blast Esabod

Nigerian actress and businesswoman Lizzy Anjorin once again drag controversial blogger, Esabod on her social media page.

Lizzy Anjoin shares video of Esabod advise the Nigerian govt to arrest and destroy the Yoruba nation agitation.

In Esabod words,” Nigerian govt, you need to start destroying the Yorubas, send Fulani to them on street to waste them off, they are not useful to the society.

Nigerian govt, all the Yoruba nation agitation from Nigeria is easier for you to hack their account ad arrest them and hang them, they want to demolish the government, who the hell are you?. Nigeria govt , don’t pity the yorubas, they are a bloody destroyers.”

Reacting to this, Lizzy Anjorin took to her social media platforms to shares video and tag Esabod as a thief at 62.


Watch Esabod video speaks below: