A rare dimension of Grace was bestowed upon the award winning gospel epic movie involving hundreds of cast and crew.

The movie titled “AKOBI LAAROYE 2” whose trailer was released on Facebook the same day its YouTube World Cinema date was announced on Damilola MIKE-BAMILOYE’s Facebook page hits over One Million views, 6,500 shares and 23,000 reactions within 7 days without being sponsored.

A movie which started as an assignment given by Daddy Mike BAMILOYE during Mount Zion Institute is now one of the trending gospel epic movies in Nigeria and abroad.

The producer of the movie, Pastor Victor OLUKOJU could not hide but expressed this jaw dropping achievement on his Facebook Page, appreciating all that contributed to the success of this production.

Also, he gave kudos and prayed for the cast and crew members; Evang. Isaac Femi AKINTUNDE (Director), Kunle ADEPOJU (Director of Photography), Abiola Nattyunes Babatola (Editor), Kolo Peter (SoundMan) and everyone present at the film location for the sacrifices made to make the season two of the movie a success.

However, he also made it known that the DVD is still available.

Pastor Victor OLUKOJU Wrote;

This can only be God!!!
12th to 19th August is 7 days.
What happened in these last 7 days is too shocking to me!
It was on the 12th August 2019 the Youtube Word Cinema of Akobi Laaroye was announced by Damilola Mike-Bamiloye on Facebook.
The trailer of the movie was uploaded that same day.
The premiere started on Friday 16th August and ended on Sunday 19th by 12 noon.
The testimonies have been so overwhelming and far beyond what I can possibly comprehend.
Lives were so blessed, transformed and the name of Jesus glorified.
Thousands of people watched both Part 1 & 2 in different countries. We keep receiving messages!
Now, this is what I still don’t understand.
I checked the trailer today and discovered to my amazement that much over One million people have viewed Akobi Laaroye Trailer on Facebook!
Over one million, eighty eight thousand (1,088,000) views within 7 days!!!
It was not sponsored!
So, what happened?
What is happening?
Well, this is another dimension of grace I am just getting to know at the moment.
I believe this movie has received grace from God.
Grace is superior.
Grace is the ultimate.
While we refuse to be tepid and slothful…
While we do our homework very well and chase after excellence in our service to God, we should still depend on His grace absolutely.
Let me also say this…
This work is beyond my personal effort!
So many people contributed in making Akobi Laaroye what it is today.
It all started when Daddy Mike Bamiloye gave me the assignment to produce a script on Dangers of Polluted Altars in the Church and shoot a short movie at the Mount Zion Institute.
It never occured to me that I could write an epic script. Never!
God literally used him to bring this out of me and he has encouraged us tremendously!
This is the reason why Part 1 & 2 of the movie are dedicated to him.
Then, the team that worked with us on the main project. Cast and crew were fantastic.
Bro Isaac Femi Akintunde who directed the movie was God sent! His knack for excellence and deep understanding of Yoruba language played out greatly.
Kunle Adepoju that shot the movie is a fantastic and creative DOP.
Abiola Natty Nattytunes Babatola Unassuming young man who is graced and skilled in special effects edited the movie and brought unusual expertise to the table. I just love him.
I was inspired by God early to create the role of Location Chaplain in our movies who will see to the spiritual atmosphere and the spiritual well being of cast and crew. Bro Olayiwola Wole was solidly on ground to oversee Akobi Laaroye shoot spiritually.
Kolo Peter came all the way from the North to help us with sound. What a sacrifice!
Hundreds of brethren who came on set without collecting anything from us! We can’t thank you enough.
God has the perfect record and let me assure you, wherever this movie is blessing lives, God will be adding to your reward.
You have sown, you will surely reap.
Please, if you have not seen the trailer, go see it now.


The DVD is also out now! Go to Zion Media Connections, Onipanu. Lagos. Phone Numbers: 08161229981, 08022805642.
I am PVO (Victor Olukoju)
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