“After I left Panti cell, I renovated prison toilet, others; Naira Marley can enjoy my charity there” – Seun Kuti

Controversial artist Seun Kuti has recently shared a humorous yet pointed remark aimed at Naira Marley.

During a live video, Seun Kuti made a lighthearted reference to his own past arrest and detention, claiming that he had stayed in a cell referred to as the PANTI cell.


In a tongue-in-cheek manner, Seun Kuti mentioned that he had undertaken some renovations during his time in the cell, including improving the toilet floor and other facilities.


He playfully suggested that Naira Marley, who is currently facing legal issues, might enjoy the benefits of these upgrades.

He said this in a live video while laughing.


Recall that Naira Marley has been in the spotlight for a series of controversies and legal troubles in recent months.

Initially, he faced allegations of involvement in the untimely death of Mohbad, a former artist who had a public feud with Naira Marley after leaving his record label.

Although there were suspicions surrounding Naira Marley, new police reports have indicated that he may not be connected to the crime.

However the police stated that he was guilty of threat to life and bullying of the late Mohbad when he was still alive.


However, Naira Marley’s legal troubles did not end there.

The EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) initiated a probe into Naira Marley, revealing 11 count charges related to drug use and fraud.

These charges have led to speculation about his potential detention and imprisonment.


Seun Kuti’s light-hearted comment about upgrading the cell facilities he had previously experienced alludes to the possibility of Naira Marley facing legal consequences.

It underscores the ongoing controversy surrounding the artist and the uncertainty of his legal situation.

See video below