Advice her to slow down on social media Lady begs Chioma Jesus to call Mercy Chinwo to order as she issues fresh warning

Following the warning issued by a lawmaker representing Afikpo North-East in Ebonyi State House of Assembly, Maria Ude Nwachi, another warning has surfaced online over gospel singer Mercy Chinwo’s display of her marriage on social media.

A social media user identified as Comfortable in De Place has called the attention of veteran gospel singer, Chioma Jesus to the public display of affection between singer Mercy Chinwo and her husband, Pastor Blessed.

The writer urged Chioma Jesus to admonish Mercy Chinwo against sharing full details of her marriage on social media as that would attract the attention of enemies oppressed by her happiness.

“Dear Chioma Jesus, you’re Mercy Chinwo’s spiritual mother. I want you to advise her to slow down on the social media show-off for now.

I know she’s still new in the marriage lifestyle, so the thing will be shacking her like pamy. She has been almost all over the place ever since she got married. I understand that feeling, too, although I’m still single 🤦‍♂️.

So as a veteran and well-experienced woman in the marriage and music lifestyle, Instigate her to slow down as it’s not everybody that is happy for her.

Mama the truth is, with the way marriage dey sweet your daughter she fit go sing worldly album o 🙆‍♂️. Hold her o. She’s too happy, and it radiates all over her.

Judging from her recent ministrations, you could see she’s now infusing her husband’s name. Make she no go share God’s glory with Pastor Blessed o 🙄😂. Na that kind thing dey make God vex o 😡.

I know she has posted the car her husband bought for her, but please let her keep other upcoming gifts and blessings on low.

The man will buy her house and other stuffs but let her not get too excited with vanity and forget ministry works. The aim is to lead souls to Christ through her singing prowess and grace and not show earthly achievements thereby drawing the attention of many doubters.

I hope you understand. To us what she’s doing is good atleast they’re giving us content but then some people are feeling oppressed.

If a Davido does what she’s doing, it’s okay because he’s a secular artiste but a gospel minister doing it, hmmm, the narrative will be twisted o. Make dem no say they’re flexing tithe and offering o. A wise is enough for the word.”

A few days ago, gospelfilmsng reported that Mercy Chinwo Blessed flaunted the brand new car gift she was given by her husband for her birthday earlier this week.

Pastor Blessed had surprised Mercy Chinwo with an SUV as a birthday gift, and an excited Mercy Chinwo flaunted the gift on social media and urged her fans to thank him on her behalf.

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  1. Augustina
    Augustina says:

    Why are people giving her unsolicited advice? She is a typical sanguine and she this is who and how they behave. Why are people feeling it’s a show off if it’s not envy and jealousy? People should mind their business. It’s not everything you react to.

    She is just being herself as far as I’m concerned. Now t trying to oprress in any way. Anyone that feels she is oppressing should check themselves.


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