‘He is yet to agree that we look alike’ – Dr Adeoye Omoniyi speaks over striking resemblance with Olugbenga Ayoola

Gospel filmmaker and leader of Ogongo TV, Dr Adeoye Omoniyi has reacted to the striking resemblance between his colleague, Olugbenga Ayoola popularly called SMH and himself.

Adeoye Omonyi shared some photos of himself and Olugbenga Ayoola on his Facebook page, narrating some moments in which he was addressed as SMH even while on medical related duties by his patients who watch gospel movies.

He added that he has discussed the striking resemblance with Olugbega Ayoola but he never agreed they look alike.

He suggested adopting Olugbenga Ayoola and his wife as his siblings and also give them his surname ‘Adeoye’ to include as part of their names. In his words


Most times when I go to area where they don’t really know me, I receive embarrassing greetings and questioning, Some would say ” God bless you SMH” ” It’s good to see you SMH” Sometimes I just say “God bless you too” ” I’m glad to see you too” and I pass by but occasionally I tell them “I am Adeoye Omoniyi, SMH I Gbenga Ayoola, He is my twin brother from another Mother” and they say ” Wow, you look alike too much” and I will say “thanks greatly ” This has been my experience over the years.

Yesterday, I travelled to review a patient in one Lagos hospital. As soon as I entered the ward, the patient shouted Dr Omoniyi, I and my husband just finished comparing your profile with SMH on Google, we place your pictures Side by side and we listen to your interviews on Pvo YouTube, I said Thanks so much.

Each time I have this experience, I always feel that SMH is my blood, I once told him a possible story but he didn’t accept.

Let me just start calling him GBENGA OMONIYI aka SMH OMONIYI and his wife LARA OMONIYI aka PMH OMONIYI

If he doesn’t want that then I will call him GBENGA AYOOLA OMONIYI and his wife LARA AYOOLA OMONIYI

If he still doesn’t want that then I will continue to address him as GBENGA AYOOLA BUT I WILL SILENTLY CALL OMONIYI WITH IT.

If he doesn’t want that also then we will go for DNA, I CLAIM HIM abi What do you think brethren?

Gbenga Ayoola is a fantastic person I love him and I celebrate him. #Adeoyeomoniyi”