Actress Ekene Umenwa overjoyed as she ties the knot traditionally with Filmmaker Alex Kleanson

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Ekene Umenwa, the Nigerian screen sensation, was positively beaming from ear to ear as she and her longtime partner, Alex Kleanson, the head honcho of Firstnollytv, exchanged vows in a traditional ceremony.


The actress, who recently revealed her engagement to the filmmaker, surprised us with some extended reels from her traditional wedding festival in her hometown of Anambra State.


In the video, Ekene and Kleanson were dressed in their best traditional attire for their big day, surrounded by a sea of friends and relatives.

As the pair dived into the subtleties of Igbo rituals hand in hand, hit the dance floor with guests, and swung in sync with their loved ones, she had a smile as wide as the Mississippi.


Ekene stated in the video caption that her bride price was paid on April 16th, 2023, cementing their traditional nuptials.


Due to the volatile situations in the East, she chose not to go the full nine yards with the traditional wedding she had in mind.

She wrote;


“APRIL 16th 2023 my bride price was paid by my baby @kleanson and we became married traditionally but because of the insecurity in the East I decided not to do the kind of trad I like because me l am a village girl oh I love tradition too much


All thanks to my mother small bride price payment she done turn am to carnival All thanks to my beautiful and blessed blood sisters, aunties and uncles and my darling friends and blessed colleagues that came to celebrate with us una own no go spoil in Jesus name amen”

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