Aboru Aboye: ‘If you’ve been blessed by her songs, then she needs your prayers now’ – Cinematographer Ben Ope Johnson

Top notch Cinematographer, Ben Ope Johnson has shared his two cents following the lashes that trailed the recent video of Tope Alabi that went viral.

GFNG had earlier reported that the popular singer, Tope Alabi was dragged under serious fire and scrutiny after a certain video of her ministration went viral.

Tope Alabi could be seen in the company of her backup singers using a certain ‘word’ while ministering in church and has led traditional worshippers vibing to it and asking the gospel singer to identify with them.

The award-winning singer used the word ‘aboru aboye’, which is a popular phrase used by a particular sect of traditional worshippers to greet each other.

Tope Alabi kept emphasizing the word and while it has become viral with remix videos springing up, netizens have bashed her for using such a phrase in the church of God, while others queried her spirituality. Some however stated that the gospel singer just has a deep sense of Yoruba words.

In response to this, Cinematographer Ben Ope Johnson shared a short post addressing the reactions some Christians towards the mistake Tope Alabi made and forgetting she had been a blessing to them through her songs.

He likened the present state of Tope Alabi to a wounded soldier who needs the help of her fellow Christians to shield her from further attacks till she gets back on her feet.

He further urged those who have been blessed through her song ministrations to see this as a time to pray more for her because any one can make the mistake she made or uglier ones.

In his words;


How is this woman faring? Honestly I feel for her. She has been praised to the highest heaven and condemned to the lowest hell. Because of things like this, I’m sore afraid of stardom.

I always ask myself, why is it so easy for people to forget someone’s kindnesses because of a “mistake”? I pray for you Tope Alabi, you shall not lose your rewards in heaven.

This woman has been a source of blessings to her music listeners. I think this is the time they pray for her and show her some love. I’m not forcing anyone to do this, it’s just my opinion.

When a soldier is injured in the battle, his colleagues usually rally round to save him/her from further attacks from his/her enemies. I think we should do the same with Tope Alabi.

There are so much imperfections in us and that’s why we are prone to mistakes. Today, it may be somebody’s turn but tomorrow it may be your turn. Blessed is he/she who is kind to the weak, the Almighty God will not forget his/her kindness.

I still love you.
Keep showing some love and excellence.

Oniduro Mi Saga: Ben Ope Johnson Urges Tope Alabi To Apologize To Yinka Alaseyori

June 21, 2021, Ben Ope Johnson waded into to the subtle war that erupted between Tope Alabi and Yinka Alaseyori following Tope Alabi’s derogating comment over a song ministered by Yinka Alaseyori titled ‘Oniduro mi’.

‘Oniduro mi’ is a Yoruba phrase which means ‘my guarantor’. Tope Alabi mounted the stage where she was to minister and made it clear to the souls anticipating a moment of worship that God is not her guarantor as the name belittles her maker.

She further knocked the composer of the song Mrs Tolu Adelega and Yinka Alaseyori who sings the song time to time whenever she ministers. Her derogatory statement attracted heavy backlashes from Netizens who fully supported the notion that God remains their guarantor.

Wading into the subtle fight, Ben Ope Johnson advised Tope Alabi to embrace the correction and apologize to those concerned. He also encouraged his followers to learn from her mistake.

In his words;


I’ve heard people preach and talk about humility. They gave different interpretations.

It got to a particular time, I decided I was going to check online for the meaning.

This I got. “Humility is not seeing yourself as someone who is better than another person.”

If I were Tope Alabi, I will just apologise to Yinka Alaseyori. I will tell her I’m sorry for my mistake. A ki mo rin kori ma ji( loosely translated as no matter how you walk carefully, mistake is inevitable)

I won’t see people that are abusing/criticising me as my enemies. I will see them as ANGELI MI, the instrument, OORE TI O COMMON God wants to use to caution me.

If I were Yinka Alaseyori I will jejely behave like David, I won’t kill King Saul as his soldiers suggested.

I will let her be. I won’t hold Tope’s sin against her. Even if she chooses not to apologise to me I will act like Jesus, my ONIDUROMI.

I will see those who are fighting on my behalf as good friends who really love me. I will also remember human beings can turn the table against me someday. They are shouting Hosanna today, tomorrow, they will crucify me if I should make any mistake.

If I were you my readers, I will learn from what it’s happening now. I will treasure in my heart the word of God that says, HE WHO THINKS HE STANDS SHOULD TAKE HEED LESS HE FALLS.

Friend, choose to be a peacemaker. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.

Let’s pray for both of them, they need our prayers more than before. Ija o dola, oruko lo nso ni( loosely translated as war does not turn to wealth)

I still love you

Keep loving excellence.