‘Insult him now at your own, children’s peril’ – Abolaji Adeola dares those accusing Pastor Adeboye of sourcing powers from demons

RCCG Living Faith Lead Pastor and actor, Abolaji Adeola has reacted to naysayers who have long time been accusing the General Oveseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor E.A Adeboye of sourcing powers from demons.

GFNG had earlier reported that the cleric has reacted to claims that he consults with demons anytime he is about to minister at the Redemption Camp.

The cleric, popularly called Daddy GO, said his attention was drawn to some publications where the allegations were made by some clerics and groups of persons.

Pastor E.A Adeboye has once again reacted to claims on Friday night at the ongoing Annual Convention 2023, Adeboye urged the congregation to pray for his death if he ever did such.

While saying he would not mind people spreading such rumours, he said it occurred to him that even some of his members might have believed the rumours.

In a bid to clear people’s doubt, the clergyman said, “I want you to say this prayer, ‘If Pastor Adeboye has any links with any demonic powers, let him die before the sun rises.

“But if he is using your power, multiply the powers by seven folds.” he added.

Reacting to this, Abolaji Adeola took to his twitter page to announce that if after Pastor Adeboye’s prayers survives the prayers he said at the ongoing Annual Convention 2023, yet insults and naysaying over Pastor Adeboye’s source of Power continues, such individuals involved should be ready to face the consequences they pull to themselves.

He added that Pastor Adeboye has taken the criticism from the realm of Social Media to leaving it for God to fight for him while he watches.

In his words;

Since God is sparing Daddy G.O’s life till tomorrow after that prayer, if you still go ahead to insult him, whatever you see or whatever comes upon your children is your own doing.

He has taken the fight away from the realm of Social Media to the realm of where God fights on his behalf.

‘He has committed unpardonable sin’ – Pastor Adeboye reacts a man accused him of using demonic powers (VIDEO)

It was earlier reported that the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor E. A. Adeboye addressed the diabolic allegations made against him.

During his sermon on Sunday, July 16th, the prominent clergyman addressed reports circulating that claimed his powers were derived from demons in Redemption Camp.

Rather than engaging in a blatant response, Pastor Adeboye chose to take a different approach.

He stated that he decided to pray for the individual behind the allegations because he believed he/she had committed an unforgivable sin.

The pastor explained that when someone attributes the powers and glory that rightfully belong to God to demons, they have committed a grave offence.

To support his statement, he referred to examples from the Bible, reinforcing his position on the matter.

Pastor Adeboye emphasized that he holds no ill will towards the peddler of these rumours, but rather chooses to pray for the person to be forgiven.

However, Adeboye stated that a sin against the Holy Spirit is unforgivable.

In his words:

“Recently I heard that somebody was talking that Pastor Adeboye is getting the power he uses from demons at Redemption Camp.

People asked me if I wasn’t going to answer him, but I said we should be praying because this man is committing an unpardonable sin.

When people begin to give the Glory of Jesus Christ to demons.

When you hear a person say such, you should pray for him for such a person”.

Watch the video below: