ABEJOYE SEASON 4 (Episode 4) – Written by Mike Bamiloye


Title: Abejoye Season 4 (Episode 4)
Run Time: 736minutes
Year of Production: 2021

Written by: Mike Bamiloye
Directed by: Mike Bamiloye, Wole Adeyi, Isaac Femi-Akintunde
D.O.P: Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, Kehinde Adetunmobi

Edited by: Ruth Adepoju, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye
Produced by: Mike Bamiloye
Executive Producers: Mike Bamiloye, Gloria Bamiloye

Cast (Nigeria): Mike Bamiloye, Gloria Bamiloye, Bambo Adeyi, Wole Adeyi, Adegbenga Adeboye, Oluwabunmi Bamitale, Joseph Yemi Adepoju, Rotimi Amodu, Toyin Ojo, Yemi Adepoju, Moses Korede Are, Feyi Adepoju, Isaac Femi-Akintunde, Kayode Babalola

Cast (USA): Wole Adeyi, Anjolaoluwa Adeyi, Adeyeye David Babajide, Moniyi Afolabi, Bayode Ojo, Ayomide Ilesanmi Oluwo,


Abejoye Season 4 Episode 4 talks a bit about Chief Henry Awonponire, who is the last man standing among the Council of African Traditionalists.

His attitude is worthy of note and there is a pertinent comparison to be made between him and Asipa. Chief Henry meets with a higher power and does all to change his ways, to make peace, even though it meant wrongly regarding that higher power as Dr Edmond.

Asipa on the other hand, is unrepentant and is as sly as a snake. He subtly misguides people through his words, he lies and tries to draw others into his conspiracies and misdeeds so that he’ll have someone to pour the blame on if things get out of hand.

He does evil under the cover of night and behind a veil.

Asipa is an example of those that don’t want you to do the work God wants you to do, so they fight you. He’s definitely not someone that you want to have as a close friend.