ABEJOYE SEASON 4 (Episode 1) – Written by Mike Bamiloye


Title: Abejoye Season 4 (Episode 1)
Run Time: 76minutes
Year of Production: 2020

Written by: Mike Bamiloye
Directed by: Mike Bamiloye, Wole Adeyi, Isaac Femi-Akintunde
D.O.P: Damilola Mike-Bamiloye, Kehinde Adetunmobi

Edited by: Ruth Adepoju, Joshua Mike-Bamiloye
Produced by: Mike Bamiloye
Executive Producers: Mike Bamiloye, Gloria Bamiloye

Cast (Nigeria): Mike Bamiloye, Gloria Bamiloye, Bambo Adeyi, Wole Adeyi, Adegbenga Adeboye, Oluwabunmi Bamitale, Joseph Yemi Adepoju, Rotimi Amodu, Toyin Ojo, Yemi Adepoju, Moses Korede Are, Feyi Adepoju, Isaac Femi-Akintunde, Kayode Babalola

Cast (USA): Wole Adeyi, Anjolaoluwa Adeyi, Adeyeye David Babajide, Moniyi Afolabi, Bayode Ojo, Ayomide Ilesanmi Oluwo,

Olayiotan Abejoye is an African traditionalist elderly man who leaves his village to visit his son and his family based in a city in America.

Abejoye season 4 episode 1 continues the story of Olayiotan, this time he is back to Ajibogun Town after a long vacation in the US.

Let’s recall that the villagers/priests witch doctors had earlier tried many diabolical means to kill Abejoye all to no avail this makes them suspect that Abejoye is evil and has a dangerous power but the source of this power remains a mystery to the people of Ajibogun.

They had all given up on their quest to kill Abejoye after so many failed attempts. The news that Olayiotan Abejoye is in town caused a lot of fear in the hearts of the people as they feel he has come to complete what he had started.

(The devil runs when no one pursueth him). I dont just know what gave kiunkin yiun the guts to think she can succeed over Abejoye when forces far greater than her had tried earlier and failed but well this just goes to tell us that the devil will never stop trying no matter how many times he fails over a matter.

Kiunkinyiun goes ahead to attack Abejoye despite several warnings from the villagers including the king.

Alas Kiunkinyiun is stranded in Olayiotans room she can’t disappear spiritually and she can’t go out through the door physically.