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Abattoir Rambo, Philip Oyeleye floors Abel Damina’s counter-sermon, lectures him on ‘obedience’

A few weeks ago, a video of the founder and senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie, surfaced online where he testified on how God made a covenant of wealth with him after he gave one million dollars offering to God in a single service in 2012.

In his words: “One day, in 2010 I said I was going to give one million dollars as an offering which today is about five hundred and sixty-five million naira.

“I said I’m going to give it in one offering. When I said that, everybody was looking at me because to give that in one offering… this man in deh craze?

“I said that 2010 and by 2012, in one service, I gave one million dollars as an offering which is five hundred and sixty three million naira in one Sunday service without preaching prosperity.

“And I had no house then. Say faith. It was then heavens open. Say faith. Five hundred and fifty-six million, which house will I not but anywhere in the world?”

Not long after, Pastor Abel Damina reacted saying God is not interested in the gifts given to men because he possess all things.

He further argued that it is of no use for Pastor David Ibiyeomie to give God such amount as offering since the money he gave was from the church’s account and also sowed into the same church’s account.

His response generated a lot of controversies as many social media users supported his counter-sermon while others objected.

Abattoir movie star actor, Philip Oyeleye who played the role of Rambo also took to the comment section of the post shared by Tunde Ednut to react to Pastor Abel Damina’s submission noting that Abraham almost sacrificed his son and Solomon’s sacrifice moved God.

He explained that whenever God asks, He is interested in our obedience and willingness to release the precious things we may want to hold on to.

He further encouraged Pastor Abel Damina to take enough time to listen to Pastor David Ibiyeomie’s full sermon and understand that his sermon pointed towards obedience and not just giving.

In his words;

God’s owns the cattle and sheeps of the earth ….but was moved byy Solomon’s sacrifice, then moved by his heart to service…why did God still requested for abraham’ son isaac …when he got a ram in his backyard ?

W.. remember he owns the earth , so by logic he had no right/ doesn’t need what your we should not bother giving at all/ not follow his instruc?tion on giving to him , bah

I agree some preachers are scammers…but when we correct let find a balance. God sees your heart not your gifts..can you obey ? Can you let go what’s most precious to you , for him ? Meaning do you love me to the moon?

Just the way you “can do anything for your earthly girlfriend” wey you never marry 😂 . Listen to the first preacher well …he said “obedience ” was his test …. Abeg make I dey go

And did he mention he paid it into his Church account ? 😂 Abeg let’s leave this matter for Matthias


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