“A woman who wants to cook and clean for you is better than the one who chases her career” – Nigerian man says


A contentious opinion concerning housewives and career women was shared by a Nigerian guy on the microblogging site X.

A woman who is content to stay at home and take care of her husband’s needs—such as cooking and cleaning—is preferable to one who pursues a profession, claims X user @OsasuYwie.

He defended himself by saying that women who put their jobs first frequently become more “masculine” than more domesticated women. He also counseled men to pursue homely women who truly love them, support, nurture, and bring them calm.

He wrote on Saturday, November 11,

“A woman who wants to cook & clean for you has more to offer you than the one who chases her career. The stress women receive from chasing a career is turning her more masculine. A woman that is happy at home cleaning and cooking, making art, and taking care of a family is in high demand these days.

If she brings you peace, Supports you, nurtures you, and loves you. You should keep her. The one chasing her career will always keep her “options” open due to the influx of male interactive traffic. Understand to Prosper.”

See his post below,

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