A Nigerian guy describes his unusual encounter with a bus conductor in Lagos as I melted.

A bus driver who helped a sick passenger board his bus won the hearts of online users. The bus driver observed a woman who was sitting in one of the bus’s corners wasn’t feeling well as the vehicle progressed.

He swiftly exited the car, leaving the other passengers wondering where he had gone. The conductor came shortly after with water and gave it to the female passenger. He claimed that after noticing that she wasn’t feeling well, he decided to lend a hand.

In a tweet about the incident, Lola Okunrin wrote: “I’m just inside my danfo going Ketu. At the Estate bus stop, our conductor jumped off without warning us. The woman who was moaning the most was given the cold bottle of water by him when we started looking for him, the driver became irate, and the other passengers also became unhappy

“He said that he had noticed she was not feeling well throughout the ride and had hurriedly gone to buy her water so she could cool off. According to reports, the woman was experiencing a headache when Bobo noticed her reaction and went to fetch some water to pour on her head. Aso ara mi bu. We all melted, including me. That feeling of concern struck me.”

Reactions on social media stated Omo Kiikan: “In actuality, despite your circumstances, you may still be a nice person. Saying that you owe no one anything because you are from the slums is not acceptable.”

AY Written by Peter Obi: “Even the worst among them have their good moments. Many of us who grew up in Lagos have at some point witnessed the generosity of local males.

Added Oginni Taiwo “Yeah. On one occasion, I was quite thirsty but there was nowhere to buy water. I tried to take a little rest while using the other eye to gaze at the water as I stood close to where they were selling it. When this tout arrived, he procured water for both himself and me. Before I could say “thank you,” he left.”