“A lot of women want to be brides not wives” – Pastor Jimmy Odukoya

In a sermon by pastor and former actor Jimmy Odukoya criticized women who refused to make a financial contribution to a partnership.

He said that the Bible made it very plain that a man required a helper, not a dependent, and that women are not helpers if they choose not to provide for their partners financially.

He emphasized that the Bible says that whoever finds a wife, not a bride, has discovered a good thing and he revealed that many women lack the qualities necessary to be true wives.

This big change follows the passing of his father, Taiwo Odukoya, who was the founder of the renowned church until his death. Recall that back in 2005, the Odukoya family had suffered a very huge loss when Odukoya’s mother, Abinbola Rosemary, had lost her life tragically in the Sosoliso airline flight, which took a lot of lives.

Now recall that most recently, Pastor Jimmy Odukoya had mocked South Africans using their popular song by Tyla, Water.

Following the victorious win of Super Eagles over the South Africans in the semi-final of the Afghan football tournament, Pastor Jimmy made a remix of the artist’s song, Water, which he dedicated to them. He further admitted that though they had played a really good game, Nigerians had to win.