“A lady sitting on a man’s lap in gospel movie is a big error” – Mike Bamiloye

Renowned gospel filmmaker Evangelist Mike Bamiloye shared the remarkable impact of Nigerian Gospel movies on Christian families around the world. Mike Bamiloye revealed that during his travels to various countries, he encountered numerous households that were avid viewers of Gospel movies.

According to Mike Bamiloye, many families expressed their preference for Gospel movies over Nigerian secular films due to the ungodly themes, language, and immoral content often found in the latter. He added that many Christian families also testified that Nigerian Gospel movies had played a significant role in their spiritual growth and development, providing them with positive and uplifting content that aligned with their faith.

While expressing his gratitude for the widespread acceptance, he issued a stern warning to Drama Ministers, highlighting the risk of disappointing God, the Church, and the general public if there were to be any deviations from the established standards of faith and morality in Gospel movies.

He also emphasized the importance of upholding a Godly standard in Gospel movies. He expressed concern over the potential betrayal of trust that would occur if gospel actors and actresses were depicted k!ssing in a Gospel movie, or if women were shown in revealing clothing, even in character roles.

In his words;



Wherever we go, all across Nigeria, we meet with people, all Classes of People, including Muslims, who greet us with great joy, testifying that they do not allow their Children and household to watch Secular Movies on TV and Decoders, but ONLY MOUNT ZION FILMS.

It took us sometimes, before we could realize that the Term “Mount Zion Films” a lot of people say outside is actually refering to Nigerian Gospel Movies where all our faces are seen and they could not distinguish between EVOM, LADTEM, CHRISTOLINE OR Peace Makers movies. A lot of People have branded all our movies to be Mount Zion Films, because we all show our faces across several ministries movies.

Multitudes of Christian homes in Nigeria now take solace in the fact that there is a Godly Alternative where inspiring movies could be seen acted by faces they ascribe to Gospel movies.

Places where this is trending mostly is outside Nigeria, wherever we travel, Europe, Asia, Australia, America, many homes of Christian families are familiar with faces of Gospel movies on their YouTube linked to the domestic Internet TV.

Many families testify to us that they do not like watching Nigeria Secular movies because of several ungodly solutions their Movies profer and several filthy languages they contain. They said the Lord is using Nigerian Gospel movies to build them up spiritually. We do hear loads of testimonies from people.

THEREFORE, our Gospel Movies which the Lord has helped us to developed overtime, has become so famous and widely acceptable as a huge blessing to many homes in place of secular movies that portrays immorality, filthy languages, ungodly solutions to social problems, and carelessly dressed up actresses, including sensual actions that insult the eyes of children and adults.

THEREFORE, It is going to be a huge disappointment to God, the Church and the People IF WE SHOULD NOW BEGIN TO SHOW COMPROMISES in the foundations of Faith and Decencies which have been laid and have been huge blessing to multitudes of people in and outside of the Country.

For many years, we have sacrificed in the vineyard to lay a Standard, a Godly Standard that has been embraced by homes and families. There are things an average family and home expect to see in a normal Nigeria Gospel Movie.

For them to begin too see otherwise or contrary things would be a huge disappointment and betrayal of trust they have in our Christian Films that usually give them the confidence of bringing their children to sit down with it and watch.

It will be a huge disappointment and off the track to see actors and actresses k!ssing in a Gospel Movie.

It will be a huge error in a Gospel Film to see a man and a woman on top of each other or romancing on bed.

It will be a great mistake for a person to smoke cigarette in a Gospel Movie.
It will be a Scandal, a huge Scandal for a Gospel Movie to portray ladies in half n¥de, even if it is a harlot role.

It will be a big Error, for a lady to sit on a man’s lap in a Gospel Movie.
All these rules and more we have been observing all these years and won the heart of multitudes of homes and people. And for this, we have been considered A Godly Alternative to the menace of Secular movies on our Screen.

Over the years, many gospel drama ministries have worked diligently to provide audiences with movies that aligns with their values and beliefs. They have garnered a loyal following of viewers who appreciate the positive and uplifting messages portrayed in gospel films.

As the Nigerian Christian film industry continues to grow and evolve, many Nigerian gospel drama ministries remains committed to upholding the principles that have guided their work thus far. He believes that by staying true to their Godly standard, they can continue to serve as a beacon of light in a world flooded with secular influences.