’70-year-old man marrying a 25-year-old girl is like embarking on a su!cide mission’ – ‘Yemi Adepoju

‘70 year old man marrying a 25 year old girl is like embarking on a su!cide mission’ – ‘Yemi Adepoju

The President of Victory Drama Group, Rev’d ‘Yemi Adepoju has watered down the belief that uphold the saying; ‘age is just a number’.

In a post shared on his Facebook page some days ago, ‘Yemi Adepoju noted that age is beyond numbers and should be considered when choosing a life partner.

Citing an example, the filmmaker said a 70year old man who is planning to marry a young lady of 25 years is embarking on dangerous mission that may eventually take his life.

Reacting to this, some of ‘Yemi Adepoju’s followers interpreted the phrase “su!cide mission” he said in his phrase as their difference in s€xual stamina, noting that the man may not be able to satisfy the young lady and any attempt to boost his stamina may send him into the journey of no return.

In his words; “Don’t be deceived, age is beyond number, a 70-year-old man marrying a 25-year-old girl is on a suicide mission.”

Read some of the comments below;

David Adepoju: It get as e be o…. I have read about a 60 year’s old man who married 30 years old lady and gave birth to 6 children, the man lived to 90 years and the wife 60 years, they celebrated 30th anniversary. This world 🌎 is full of happenings. Only those in such happenings can explain better.

Adetola Adeyemi: he wants to go back through the route he came from
Wumi Adebayo: Hmmmmmm, world needs to hear this
Oladipe Kemi: Perfectly said sir