5months, yet no baby bump – Pr€gnant lady shows off very flat tummy (Video).

A Nigerian girl who’s five months pr€gnant has expressed concern over her very flat tummy which has refused to shoot out.

The pr€gnant lady with the handle @welly.james on TikTok left netizens in shock after showing off her flat tummy despite alleging to be five months pr€gnant.

In the video, she flaunted her bare tummy which showed no signs of a baby bump in it.

Captioning the video, she said; “5 months pr€gnant and my stomach looks like this, I’m not sure I’d have a bump.”

@Princess Kelvin358 reacted: “Then how do you find out if you’re pr€gnant when u have a cryptic pr€gnancy. With test or scan.”

@mariodechef0 said: “It will show up when you get to eight months.”

@mumspride commented: “I pray not be like dis when am pr€gnant, cause my husB no go give me shawarma for nyt.”

@Akpos Ukale said: “Don’t worry, get to 8 months first you’d see the massive bump, my wife was like that until her 8-10th month.”

@Luckygirl said: “Where the baby come dey kwan, hope you’re not stepping on it.”

@chiomaonyebuchi50 said: “Am four month pr€gnant yet my Belle still looks ok sometimes I wonder if am pr€gnant but I don enter comment section make I calmdown small.”

@munachimsomichell reacted: “I was six months pr€gnant nobody knows I was pr€gnant even with my nursing uniform my matron don’t even knw wen it got to eight months it came out.”

Watch the video below:


I’m not sure id have a bump 🤰😂😂

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