Jesus is with me. I’m not alone — 50-year-old woman without a husband or child (VIDEO).

A Nigerian woman, who is 50 years old, caused an uproar online after she broke her situation online with joy.

The unidentified woman was seen happily dancing to the popular inspirational song Alone by Neeja in a store.

The inspiring TikTok video had the words “50 yrs no husband, no child but Jesus is here with me, I no dey alone” layered on it.

The TikToker who shared the clip further reiterated the woman’s belief in the clip by remarking, “She’s not alone.”

The clip went viral and got people praying for the woman. Watch the video below:

People sympathised with the 50-year-old woman

youngprettyskincare said: “I love you,God do it for you soonest,believe and have faith.”

darkgem said: “No think am ,marriage is definitely not a do or die affair, if you need kids, go and adopt. As long as you are happy, that’s all that matters.”

user3909374283367 said: “God bless you dear marriage and kids is not all we need and pls you look young and beautiful.”

Bambi said: ”So touching God please come through for her. you can do it I know God of last second. God will do it in Jesus name amen.”

Ade_Asemota said: “God is not done with you….. you will receive your shocking testimony soon amen.”

Nwachinaemere said: “Thank God you are doing well for yourself relax marriage isn’t for everybody u are better than many in toxic marriages.”

simple machine said: “The most important is that u are happy, healthy and strong…. God has not conclude wit you yet…”