‘4 of our 6 kids belong to my Pastor, only one is yours’ – “Nigerian mom confesses to husband (VIDEO)

A Nigerian mum of six has admitted to cheating on her husband and getting pregnant for different men.

The cheating revelations became public knowledge after the woman disclosed it in a radio program, Kokoro Alate, which she attended with her estranged husband.

An X user, also a human rights lawyer, Olóyè T.D Esq, shared an excerpt from the video of the radio program showing when the woman admitted to having kids for other men.

Olóyè expressed shock at her confessions and wondered what was happening.

In the clip, the woman confirmed to the program host that four of her kids belong to her pastor.

While revealing that her husband only has one, she confirmed that the remaining child belongs to a meat seller.

Netizens share their thoughts on the matter

@Accur887 said: “If you know the number of children this pastor and Alfa even babalawo have outside u go shock.”

@adejumosamuel14 said: “Na for every household to dey do DNA test remain laidis cos the infidelity rate at which children no know their papa don increase.”

@TejumolaSegun said: “Shey we no go beg God to create another world for women alone to stay bayi.

“Make men get access to go there and knack then come back to our world and if dey give birth to a boy, collect the boy come men’s world but if na girl, she stay with dem, just like that, simple.”


@_igbalodeEngr said: “You see this ancient and beautiful city, nothing concern them with say someone was be.headed for ritual but you see been promiscuous,

snatching one’s housewife, one’s husband, one’s girlfriend? give it to them.. my friend @shinadang can bear me witness.” 

@God_Is_The_Plug said: “If you have friends in the National Assembly I think it’s high time we mount Pressure so that there will be a legislation on Paternity Fraud punishment with Imprisonment and an option of fine to deter these female devils, while the Ministry of Women Affairs.”

Watch the video below: