38-year-old man living with younger brother rages after engaging wife in fight over foodstuff

Young man in his late 30s seeks comfort in his action after engaging his brother’s wife in a heated fight over foodstuff

According to the narration of an embattled man, he was baffled on how his brother’s wife denied his family side foodstuff but handed more than enough to her family.

In the heat of questioning her for doing such, he ended up landing a slap on her face which led to taking the blame from his younger brother.

Read the full narration below …

“I’m 38years old. I visited my younger brothers wife. A girl I’m older than with 8years cos shes 30. My brother is 34. I’m staying with my brother even before he got married.

Even though I senior his wife. I give her full respect. I clean, cook and do other things. My sister in-laws family always visit to pack food stuffs. My people hardly come.

Yesterday, my younger sister came for some foodstuffs and my sister in law claimed she doesn’t have enough to sustain her. My sister left. That same day.

Her sister visited as usual and when she was about going, my sister in law packed 2 big Ghana must go bag of foodstuffs. I got angry and I confronted her to know why she’s being wicked to her husband’s family.

She challenged me back and told me that is her house and I don’t have the right to tell her how to run it. We had a heated argument and in the process, I slapped her. She and her sister pushed me out of their gate and locked their gate. I slept outside.

My brother came back today and when I told him my own side of the story, he blamed me for slapping his wife. I am leaving their house first thing tomorrow morning. Ceetee please is this not wickedness?”